Surf Fishing - CUTS & GUTS Killer Bluefish Video

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Surf Fishing - CUTS & GUTS Killer Bluefish Video

Postby fishjonesbeach » Thu May 04, 2017 9:13 am

Surf Fishing - CUTS & GUTS Killer Bluefish Video. The bluefish were on the bait today and a nice steady bite through the day. Ran into some surf friends and had some spring bluefish to go around. I kept one for myself and look forward to feasting on it tonight and get my fill. The bluefish was ravenous! A slow steady bite on bunker baits today. The fish seemed to prefer cuts with guts. I had rigged up with 60 pound mono leader so had many a more bite off's and break off’s then hooked and landed fish. I anticipated that in hopes of bigger dreams that did not happen today. Kept several fish today. I like bluefish they are quite good. One thing i like to do if I keep one is bleed it thoroughly. Just slit its gills and hold upside down or in water. Makes the fish easy to clean and taste delicious!

Sometimes some of us forget what fishing is all about. Fishing is about catching food. Fishing for food is the deepest primal driver to this sport. Fishing for food evolved the sport as it is today Without that drive we would not be on the surf. Respect and embrace your drive time to time. That is why we are there doing what we do. I Hope you enjoy spending the day with me and thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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