The Fishing Hole Open - Long Lake, WA

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The Fishing Hole Open - Long Lake, WA

Postby ttb31183 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:33 pm

The Fishing Hole is a local tackle store in Spokane, WA that is inside of an ACE Hardware. They have a big following thanks to their great selection of bass gear and this year they decided to hold an open tournament. The entry was $100 per team and both team members received a Bass Mafia box stuffed with soft plastics. It was a great idea and the turnout was excellent, even though the fishing was a challenge for most teams.

35 boats signed up and fished Long Lake.

Taking first was Brett Lauderdale and Nik Autrey with a solid limit weighing 17.04lbs. They also had the big bass of the tournament, a 5.53lb smallie.

Second place was Cameron and Chris Akins with 14.28lbs.

Third place was Daryel and Wyatt Berkel with 10.35lbs.

Full results:
1st place
Brett Lauderdale Nik Autrey 17.04lbs
2nd place
Cameron Akins Chris Akins 14.28lbs
3rd place
Daryel Berkel Wyatt Berkel 10.35lbs
4th place
Tony McCalmant Bryson Mort 8.22lbs
5th place
Chad Bennet Danny Szafransky 8.02lbs
6th place
James Martin Scott Inman 7.51lbs
7th place
Verdon Nelson Cody Nelson 6.72lbs
8th place
Darren Tabor Ty Burbank 5.68lbs
9th place
Travis Beavers William Roberts 5.42lbs
10th place
Bruce Suko Josh Kilmer 4.74lbs
11th place
Chris Stephens Tucker Stephens 4.45lbs
12th place
Justin LeDoux Noah Olmstead 4.07lbs
13th place
John Thrasher Max Thrasher 3.62lbs
14th place
Travis McCowan Chad McCowan 3.19lbs
15th place
Gerry Kelly Sean Kelly 2.95lbs
16th place
Sam Smith Lesley Smith 2.91lbs
17th place
Timothy Gump Zachary Gump 1.41lbs
18th place
Kasey Kimble Gordy Mglynn 0.00lbs
19th place
Allen Krant Keith Wycoff 0.00lbs
20th place
Justin LeDoux Noah Olmstead 0.00lbs
21st place
Phillip Smith Jeff Klymman 0.00lbs
22nd place
Jessie Huenergradt Tom H. 0.00lbs
23rd place
David Chamberlin Iou Krycz 0.00lbs
24th place
Robert Trukositz Alex Angel 0.00lbs
25th place
Steve Mcminn David Erickson 0.00lbs
26th place
Robert Wysong John Barrer 0.00lbs
27th place
Tyler Brinks Noah Whitten 0.00lbs
28th place
Tj Merrell David Redergraff 0.00lbs
29th place
Jag Griffin Joseph Choiniere 0.00lbs
30th place
David Slater Ira Zuber 0.00lbs
31st place
Justin Cotter Kenneth Kantz 0.00lbs
32nd place
Ryan Johnson Jonah Johnson 0.00lbs
33rd place
Randy Jenkins Rebecca Jenkins 0.00lbs
34th place
Nathan Freeman Frank Flint 0.00lbs
Big Fish
Brett Lauderdale Nik Autrey 5.53lbs smallmouth
Tyler Brinks

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