Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

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Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

Postby THE DR » Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:25 am

The 2017 fall striper run has been spotty at best. Waves of fresh fish move in every few weeks, we seem to locate them and get a few days of action, then they disappear. We continue to throw the big glide baits and magnum top water plugs in hopes of connecting with a trophy, usually we come up short. Last night was the exception!

My crew had located a pod of quality fish in the West Delta late last week. We have been picking off a few teener size fish a day, with a couple 20lbers mixed in. Halloween morning I made a run out to the zone before work, we had a few swirls and half *** blowups, but none stuck. I knew there was a better tide in the evening and planned a sunset trip.

My friend James and I made it out late in the afternoon and threw rattle traps and glide baits waiting on the witching hour. Once the sun got low, we slid into the the spot. Sure enough James connects and battles a huge fish that took us a 1/2 mile down stream before it hit the deck. A new PB for James at 30lbs!

After high fives, pics and a successful release we re-set the drift and kept plugging away. I cast my 6" DeltaWoodBomber into a shallow cove and the plug gets slurped. The fish tore at least 60-80ft of line on the intial run and the battle was on. Definitely one of the strongest stripers I've even fought, even after 6-8 mins she still wouldn't quit. We had her to leader a few times and she would just tear off another 6-10ft of drag. Finally she tired out and another trophy hit the deck. 34lb!! My new PB.

So rewarding to have a night like this. We have burned so much fuel and spent hours grinding all corners of the Delta, when it finally happens it's a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm hoping this pod of giants sticks around, so we can have a few more shots at them.

Set up for the night was a Phenix M1 80MH, Diawa Coastal 200HS spooled with 55lb Phenix Hydra8 braid, 40lb mono leader and 6" DWB topwater plug.

For more Topwater striper action follow me on FB at: The BombSquad-DeltaWoodBombers and IG @Fishstix024


James Boore of Lodi 30lbs
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mark poulson
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Re: Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

Postby mark poulson » Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:50 am

Really nice fish. Congrats!
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Re: Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

Postby Ifishalot » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:51 am

Hard work pays off!

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Re: Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

Postby CBoat » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:52 pm

Nice to see real quality once in awhile. Wow both in one night too!
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Re: Halloween Striper Report: Monster Mash!!

Postby NRX » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:04 pm

Good stuff guys!!

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