Captured the bait and scene perfectly!

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Captured the bait and scene perfectly!

Postby WB Staff » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:27 pm

Thank You Angie Thompson for this amazing painting!! You captured the bait and scene perfectly!!! Thanks also for the intro, kind words, and your friendship! The story about Laker made us laugh!

“I met Randy and Robin Howell over 2 decades ago and they have felt like family ever since. Watching them create a family and raise their two boys on the road has been a pure joy. They are the salt of the earth kind of people that are inspiring to see grow and achieve their dreams.

Their kids are smart, respectful and funny. Once when their oldest son, Laker, was about 5 years old, I had to go to a tournament with a patch on my eye because of an injury. When Laker saw me his eyes got big and he stared for a minute then said, "Miss Angie, did you run with a stick?!"

The Howell's are emblematic of a fishing family. Robin fished on a ladies tour before she had kids. Their son Laker fishes on the Guntersville High School fishing team and I bet his brother Laker will too in a few years.

We all share a love for Alabama. In fact the Howells moved there from North Carolina when they were in their 20's and have called it home ever since. When Randy won the Bassmaster Classic in 2014 it was extra sweet that he won on Lake Guntersville in Alabama.

"This realistic Guntersville Craw Livingston crankbait was the first of its kind to have the biological crawfish sound to match the color. This bait helped me accomplish my dream of winning the Bassmaster Classic in 2014, and helped introduce the future of technology into fishing lures. I'm proud to represent Livingston with The Howeller Dream Master Classic series."

-Randy Howell

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