Governor Candidates & the Delta Tunnel

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Governor Candidates & the Delta Tunnel

Postby Bassfishman » Thu May 24, 2018 3:42 pm

We are all concerned about the Delta Tunnels and the effect they will have on draining the Delta and sending precious water to SoCal and ruining the Delta Fishery. Democrat governor candidates will say anything but we know they will follow the lead of Gov Moonbeam Brown - they cant be trusted and we know they don't care one bit about the Delta as a fishery and natural wildlife area.

In the June 5th Primary Election we must make sure we get a Republican on the November ballot in order to have any chance of killing the Delta Tunnels. Both Republicans are opposed to the Tunnels but the one that has the best chance of gathering enough votes to get on the November ballot is John Cox.

Cox is a more moderate Republican and has stronger support from the GOP including the support of President Trump. His position on the Tunnels is "California’s water resource problems also need to be resolved, Cox said, but not by a pork-filled public works project like the proposed delta tunnel. We’ve gotta balance the human need for water against the need to preserve natural fisheries,” he said.

The last thing we want is for two Democrats to be the only candidates on the ballot in November - if this happens the Tunnels will be built for sure. Encourage all your fishing buddies and friends to vote for John Cox for Governor in the primary election on June 5th. Its the only chance we have to make sure we get a Republican on the November ballot.
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