Bam Backs It Up On The Delta (YAB 5/18 & 5/19)

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Bam Backs It Up On The Delta (YAB 5/18 & 5/19)

Postby MKA » Sun May 19, 2019 8:09 pm

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Fresh off a victory on the Yak-A-Bass (YAB) kayak bass fishing tournament trail on Lake Berryessa on 4/27/19, Brandon "Bam" Miller of Lodi, CA backs it up with another YAB win on the California Delta. 65 dedicated anglers braved the brutal weather conditions this weekend to see who would take home the coveted 2 day Delta title and double the YAB points toward the Angler of the Year title.

With storms moving in and out all weekend with heavy rain and wind, the anglers were put to the test. At one point, the tournament directors were contemplating having to cancel day 2 due to projected thunder and lightning. Ultimately, they were able to fish both days and the big bass were chewing.

Bam Miller came out swinging on day 1 and brought in a 5 fish limit for 101.75 inches besting his closest competitor by over 5 inches! He reported that he was unable to find a limit in the last few trips. Day 1 he started on a spot that he had success in the past but was unable to get a bite in the first 2 hours. He then moved out closer to the Mokelumne River channel and into the current. This change proved to be exactly what was needed. He quickly picked up an 8 pounder and continued catching solid fish for a total of 12 keepers. All of his fish came on a green pumpkin chatterbait with a green pumpkin Z-Man Razor Shad trailer.

Day 2 he started at the same spot but the tide had changed and he wasn't getting bit. Again, he adjusted to find the right depth of the grass that he had found the day before. He moved around in the same basic area until he was able to replicate the conditions from the day before. Once he did, it was on. Once again, he was throwing the same chatterbait across the top of the grass and they were annihilating it. He went on to catch 30 keepers with his best 5 going 99.75 inches once again besting the next closest angler by over 5 inches. His two day total was a colossal 201 inches. He reported that the key to his success was his Guru Chatterbait Rod paired up with 20-pound fluorocarbon line and the magic chatterbait, the lure that was responsible for his massive 2 day total.


Here's your top ten:
1. Brandon "Bam" Miller - 201 inches
2. Damian Thao - 181 inches
3. Travis Lear - 176.75 inches
4. Alden Walden - 164.50 inches
5. Jiongbo Zhang - 157.75 inches
6. Garrett Clark - 156.75 inches
7. Francisco Rangel - 153.50 inches
8. Abel Patino - 152.25 inches
9. Tyler Jackson - 151.25 inches
10. Obedie Williams - 146.50 inches

Next up for Yak-A-Bass is New Melones Reservoir on 6/15/19 for a KBF Trail Series / YAB event.

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Re: Bam Backs It Up On The Delta (YAB 5/18 & 5/19)

Postby HappyDogBassFishing » Mon May 20, 2019 6:42 pm

Great tourney Bam! Keep up the ez dubs buddy!

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