The Ultimate Frog Challenge (UFC5) comes back to the California Delta!

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The Ultimate Frog Challenge (UFC5) comes back to the California Delta!

Postby AnglersPress » Thu May 23, 2019 8:51 pm

The Ultimate Frog Challenge - UFC5, presented by Gone Fishin Marine in Dixon, is on its way back to the California delta July 27th-28th - at Russo’s Marina, to again host what has become the most exciting and unique top water frog event in the west!

What is so unique and exciting about this particular “Frogs-Only” event is that participants are not limited to using just one brand of top water frog. Competitors in THIS frogs-only event will be allowed to use ANY BRAND of top water frog THEY choose!

Think about it....Strike King’s KVD “Sexy Frog” vs Live Target’s “Hollow Body” frog vs SPRO’s Dean Rojos “Hermit” frog, vs SnagProof’s “Bobby’s Perfect Frog” vs River2Sea’s Ish's Phat Mat Daddy frog” vs Japan's Teckel Frog…the matchups for this frog-on-frog showdown are endless!

“Royal Rumble Kings”

Three-time winners of the "Top Frog" trophy - River2Sea USA, were finally dethroned last year by angler Dan Mathisen, who represented the Pro-Z brand frog in the separate head-to-head manufactuers competition dubbed the "Royal Rumble". You can be sure he is looking to bring another "Top Frog" trophy back to the Pro-Z corporate let the frog games begin!

UFC events feature one-of-a-kind - custom trophies for both Pro and Am divsion winners, as well as the winners in the separate manufactuers "Royal Rumble" competition.[/size][/i]

You asked, we listened...

In surveying our participants over the past 4 UFC events, an overwhelming number expressed to us that they wanted to see the entry and option pools more commensurate with that of other speciality bait events, thus providing them the opportunity to earn more prize money.

We have heard those requests loud and clear, and for UFC5, the basic entry fees for the Pro & Am side will still be $200/$100, but unlike years past, higher OPTION pots will be available, allowing the event's payouts to expand far beyond what the basic entry fee "purse" produces for the top teams, and more commensurate with other "Frogs-Only" events.

Stay tuned everybody...more information and "special" bonuses will be added to UFC5 as we get closer, but registration is NOW OPEN, so get signed and get ready for UFC5 - the Ultimate Frog Challenge, going down July 27th and 28th on the California Delta!

And may the BEST frog win!

You can register by clicking on this link:

Angler’s Press Outdoors

The Rossetti's dominated UFC3 with this HUGE bag..winning over $5000!

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