Yak-A-Bass 2020 Season

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Yak-A-Bass 2020 Season

Postby MKA » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:51 pm

Yak-A-Bass is gearing up for their 2020 season opener on Folsom Lake on February 22nd. The season will consist of 8 total events including 6 regular season events, a Tournament of Champions (TOC), and a team event to finish out the season.

Each angler will be required to pay a $50 membership that will help offset the overhead costs of running the circuit.

Basic entry fees are $50 per event with several other options (not required) to include:
$60 Yak-Pot
$20 Big Bass
$5 Mystery Fish
$5 Smallest Limit
$5 Skunk Pot

Payout will be a 1 in 10 format. For instance, if there are 100 anglers registered, the top 10 places will be paid.

Angler of the Year (AOY) points will be tallied from the angler’s best 5 finishes from the 6 regular season events. In addition to the payout, the AOY will receive a kayak and a championship belt that will go to the new AOY every year for bragging rights and a plaque to hang on the wall

The top 50 anglers in points after the completion of the 6 regular season events will advance to the TOC that will be held on Lake Camanche on 10/24/20.

2020 Season Events:
2/22/20 – Folsom Lake
3/21/20 – Lake Shasta (pending)
4/11/20 – Lake Berryessa
6/27/20 – New Melones Reservoir
7/25/20 – Lake McClure
8/22-23/20 – Clear Lake
10/24/20 – Lake Camanche (TOC)
11/14/20 – Lake Camanche (Team Event)

Link to Yak-A-Bass Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/800604446656022/
Link to sign up online: https://tourneyx.com/app/category/ca---yak-a-bass/

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