Fishing Report Camanche This Week Nov 23

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Fishing Report Camanche This Week Nov 23

Postby StanL » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:57 pm

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Fishing Report Camanche This Week Nov 23

So ..I’ve had a few days on the water this week. The surface temp is 60* and water clarity is between 8’to 10. The fishing has been different every day.

The first day was cloudy and breezy and my biggest fish came on a Bass Union A-rig in about 5’ of water. We also had 4 fish on a dropshot and 3 fish on the Bass Union 1/2 oz jig. All the fish came in less than 25’ of water on island tops.

The next day the sun was out so we tried fishing shallow in the morning. My grandson Zach caught a nice trout on the A-rig but we caught 6 bass total all between 35’to 50’ on steep breaks dropshoting 4’’ worms .

So what I’m trying to say is try and fish the moment, especially this time of year, because each day can be completely different. It is a lesson I need to remind my self once in a while.

Last week I fished the Wild West Pro/Am championship on Clear Lake and had a great prefish but the first day of the tournament conditions changed. The wind blew and there was off and on rain but I did not fish the moment. Needless to say I did terrible!! Remember to keep an open mind and fish the conditions!I
Hope this helps.
Good luck fishing.

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