Second owner transferring Ranger boat warranty!

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Second owner transferring Ranger boat warranty!

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Transferring Warranty to Second Owner: For those who buy a Ranger boat, don't make my mistake as a first time buyer. I purchased a 2020 z519 from an individual this summer. Upon purchase, I took the boat into a shop to go over it and transfer the warranty. I paid the transfer fee and the warranty on the motor was transferred. However, you ALSO have to transfer the warranty on the boat. I was not made aware of that until I called this week to inquire about an issue with piece of interior trim and the water pressure gauge failing last weekend. Ranger warranty department informed me that since the transfer paperwork wasn't completed within 30 days of my purchase, Ranger wont provide any warranty on the boat. Given the fact that I'm that guy who loves a warranty, the fact that I wont be entitled to Ranger's 10 year hull warranty, or any other warranty, through Ranger is disappointing to say the least. Hopefully my unfortunate situation saves someone else in the future.
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Re: Second owner transferring Ranger boat warranty!

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Johnny Morris :evil:
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