Lowrance Elite FS Chart sharing????

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Lowrance Elite FS Chart sharing????

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I have 3 FS units connected with Ethernet. A Navionics Premium+ card in the console unit. All connected with ethernet with Active Target transducer also. Units don't seem to be sharing the card.
I haven't seen specific information about the FS model sharing charts, Do they?

Fred Preston
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Re: Lowrance Elite FS Chart sharing????

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I have 3 Lowrance FS9. To get maps on all 3 needs a NEP-2 Ethernet box. The navionics chip has to have an active subscription to share charts.

To check if your subscription is active go to the area on the map screen on the right in the submenu where it lets you select navionics or cmap and click navionics, the click on subscription info. Will tell you if you have an active subscription. ( I am going off memory boat is in shop).

If you don’t have an active subscription think you have to download the navionics app to your computer and plug chip into computer then pay for the subscription, update the card, then plug it back into the fish finder.

Hopefully that helps.
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