Dobyns Rods Sleeves & Wrap Now Available

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Dobyns Rods Sleeves & Wrap Now Available

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Dobyns Rods Sleeves & Wrap Now Available
Introducing the new Dobyns Rods Mesh and Neoprene Rod Sleeves and Wrap to keep those rods protected and organized.
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Dobyns mesh sleeves are lightweight and flexible. An innovative mesh weave ensures a wider expansion and stretch to protect rods from possible damage and scratches. These mesh sleeves are available in 6 colors, one to match every series of Dobyns Rods plus the new psycho design! Casting sleeves are available in 60″ 68″ and 72″ while spinning rods are available 60″ and 66″.

Neoprene sleeves provide maximum protection for your rods and eliminates hooks snagging. Trimmed in your favorite Dobyns Rods colors allows anglers to quickly identify specific rods or techniques. Neoprene sleeves can be used for both casting and spinning rods and come in 2 sizes. The 60 inch size fits rods between 6′ and 7′. The 68 inch size fits rods 6’6″ to 8′.
Neoprene Rod Sleeves.png
Dobyns bundling rod wraps eliminate the hassle of tangled rods. Made of strong neoprene, these wraps are excellent for traveling anglers, co-anglers, and kayak anglers. Each package contains a 10″ and 15″ wrap.

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