Proverbial Black Cloud lingers.....but not as bad a elsewhere

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Proverbial Black Cloud lingers.....but not as bad a elsewhere

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Prior to WWN, I had scheduled an appointment back in early April with a "highly recommended" on this forum shop, to do glass repair on my boat. Phoning the owner, he checked his calendar and scheduled me for June 5. So Tuesday, before WWN I get this email from the owner, saying he wants to move the appointment to the next day as "he forgot" he will be out of town. (Here we go again) It's a 240 mile one way trip, reservations made (and as is the custom now, paid in advance), but this guy is angry with me, because I told him it won't work for me. His "professionalism" about his scheduling error set me back. Accommodating his customers? Not in his vocabulary. So after a few back and forth emails, "he" removes me from his schedule. Oh well. How do I find these guys? (Black Cloud strikes again)

So on to WWN. Josh and I head to a spot where he had located some fish earlier in the week. We fish the merry go round and nada. I suggest to Josh we need to fish the leeward of the next island. Low and behold we find a bed, with another 8 or 9 cruising around with a 3lb male, but she won't lock on. So as we're fishing for this beast, Josh tells me he received a text from a friend of his, whose father just bought a Ford Ranchero. He tells me that the car was one the father had when he was younger. So, as it turns out, the transport car got into a wreck and totaled the Ranchero. Yikes! I can relate to the misfortune. Anyway, after about an hour we abandon and off to the next spot two spots where we catch........what is commonly known as nada. Finally in a back bay I hook a fish about 4, but it's too late. So we release the fish, and onto the trailer, and next week.
PS Jason at C&C Marine was much more accommodating. Will let y'all know how it turns out.
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