Sean Case captured the win at Salt Springs with Yak-a-Bass Gamblers

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Sean Case captured the win at Salt Springs with Yak-a-Bass Gamblers

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Yak-a-Bass held its Gamblers Series event at Salt Springs Valley Reservoir. The lake was at full pool with all the rain California has received this year. As normal, the weather was perfect for our feathered friends, ducks. Yes, the weather was predicted for winds and rain and yes it rained, and the wind blew, typical kayak tournament day. The storm moving in turned the fish into eating machines for some and others made it difficult to get a bite. Since the Gamblers tournaments are two-day events, the weather did a 180-degree turn to post frontal and cold Northerly winds on day-two compared to the rainy day-one.

At the end of day two Sean Case dominated with a two-day total of 185.75” smashing second place by 7”. Case used a swim jig on day one to catch over 30 fish with a total of 96.25” and then on day two catching only 5 keepers measuring 89.50”.

“On Saturday, I caught my fish on a swim jig in about 6” of water.” conveyed Case, “I found the fish in the little tulles along the bank.”

“I was tossing back tons of 17” fish on Saturday, it was insane how active the fish were on Saturday.” expressed Case, “The storm really had the fish shallow and active.”

“I kept that swim jig in my hand the whole day on Saturday.”

“I have fished Salt Springs many times, so I had an idea of what I needed to do for this event.” indicated Case, “The swim jig I was using was green pumpkin in color.”

“Day two, I started off throwing a buzz bait and lost 5 fish that were around 18”.” revealed Case, “I struggled dealing with missing so many fish on the buzz bait.”

“They had a boat tournament on Sunday and the traffic where I was fishing was bad, so I left that area changing up and started throwing a chatter bait.” exhibited Case, “I caught two fish early on the chatter bait and then the bite died for me.”

“I finally caught my limit just after 2 PM.” communicated Case, “I caught my fourth and fifth fish at 2:05 and 2:07 PM respectively.”

“I have been right there at every event, and it feels great to get the win.” stated Case, “I finally made it happen!”

“I appreciate everything my buddy Bam Miller has done for me.” pronounced Case, “We have fished together for many years and Bam has been there helping me along the way.”

Case thanked Bam Miller, his wife and kids and Blackstar pavement maintenance for all their support.

Mike Ensing placed in second with a two-day total of 178.75”. Ensing’s day one was 91.25” and was in fourth place at the end of the day Saturday. However, Ensing’s day two of 87.50” was enough to move up to finish in second place. Ensing said he only caught 5 fish each day.

“On Saturday, I caught all my fish on a popper.” expressed Ensing, “I was able to catch a few fish early and stuck with the popper all day long on Saturday.”

“I threw a Rico over the top of grass that was just under the surface.” indicated Ensing, “The key was the submersed grass not the vegetation you can see above the surface.”

“I saw most anglers were finesse fishing, so I figured I would throw topwater.” specified Ensing, “I caught a few, so I stuck with it all day.”

“The top water bite slowed down, so I tried other techniques but ended up going back to the top water.” stipulated Ensing, “I never got a bite on the other techniques that I tried.”

“Day two, I started off with the popper as I did the day before.” described Ensing, “I worked the same 1000 square yard area with the popper for three hours without a bite.”

“I adjusted and started to throw a drop shot because the weather became cold, and I had a feeling that the fish were not going to be chasing baits.” reported Ensing, “I ended up catching all my fish on the drop shot on day two.”

“I caught three on the drop shot in the same area that I was fishing on day one. I moved to some points close by and caught two more to fill my limit.” reported Ensing, “I only caught 5 fish each day.”

“I caught most of my fish in 12-feet of water but caught two late in the day on day two in about 6 to12-feet of water off some nearby points.” detailed Ensing, “I never caught a fish in shallow water.”

“The ropey vegetation was where I caught all my fish.” said Ensing, “It had to be under the water not floating on top of the water.”

Ensing thanked his family and the Dark Horse Crew for all their support and IRod for the awesome rods, Bl8nkt Outdoors, and Bioenno Batteries.

Able Patino finished in third with a two-day total of 177.75”. On day one, Patino posted a limit of 90.50” finishing in 7th place. On day two, Patino posted a limit of 87.25” moving up to third place.

“I have not been there for 6 to 7 years and remembered about the vegetation that grew in 15 feet of water and concentrated on the stems.” voiced Patino, “I was using a 5” Senko but changed to a 6” Senko when I saw that everyone was posting big limits.”

“I tied on a Texas rig 6” Senko and committed to that the rest of the day.” declared Patino, “I was fishing in 10 to 15-feet of water to get all my bites.”

“Most of my bites came the first 3 hours of the day on day one.” stated Patino, “After that the bite died for me.”

“On day two, I knew that the change of weather was going to play huge on how the fish would be in a funk.” divulged Patino, “I still fished the Senko and a drop shot.”

“The bite was really tough on day two.” revealed Patino, “I did get a bunch of bites early but lost a few.”

“I went shallow in the afternoon and found some fish with the live scope.” vocalized Patino, “I was able to catch a few on the drop shot and Senko that gave me enough for a third-place finish.”

Patino thanked Headwaters Adventures, Bioenno Batteries, Newport Vessels and Romel for helping him get back on the water with a new controller for the Newport motor.

Top Ten:
1.Sean Case 185.75”
2. Mike Ensing 178.75”
3. Abel Patino 177.75”
4. Sean Beach 176.25”
5. Obedie Williams 174.00”
6.Justin Dutcher 172.00”
7. Shane Jones 171.75”
8. Richard George Jr. 170.00”
9. Alden Walden 166.25”
10. Anthony Martinez 163.50”

Big Fish:
Greg Blanchard 21.75”
ssvr big fish.png
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Re: Sean Case captured the win at Salt Springs with Yak-a-Bass Gamblers

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So you can slug some beers down in the kayak derbys!!!!!
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