Spokane Bass Club Long Lake - 1st Place

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Spokane Bass Club Long Lake - 1st Place

Postby ttb31183 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:40 am

Typically I compete in 10 or so tournaments every year, but this year's been a little different. I traveled a bunch for work and sold my boat. But, I was able to fish my third tournament of the year last weekend and managed to get the win on Long Lake.

I've been using my cousin's 17ft aluminum boat with a 40hp the past few weeks and this is what I used for the tournament. Some might have seen it as a disadvantage with a 12v trolling motor and lack of speed, but it all worked out great for me. Instead of running all over the place, I stuck to areas that I knew were good and fished hard. I didn't have the urge to run up and down the lake.


I started the day fishing for largemouth by pitching a jig. I typically catch some monsters this time of year doing that and really figured that I would need a 5+ fish if I wanted a shot at the win. I tried that for an hour but came up empty at that spot and switched to smallies.

My first "smallmouth spot" was on and I caught 8 fish, culled a few times, and had 13lbs in the boat in ten minutes with a drop-shot. That was a good way to settle in and the day kept getting better.

Long Lake is basically just the Spokane River and this time of year I like to find places where the channel swings and fish the flats.


I never caught what I would call a big one but I had a 4lb fish and the rest were all around 3lbs bringing my total to 16.60lbs. I caught fish on a drop-shot, hula grub, Ned Rig, and a swimbait. Really a little bit of everything worked.


I've always heard that "it ain't the boat that catches them" and now I really believe it.
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