Spring has Sprung!

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Spring has Sprung!

Postby THE DR » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:40 am

Been a busy couple weeks out on the Delta. We've made a quick transition from chasing down small pockets of fishable water, to now having a open playing field of hungry stripers.

Our search started a few weeks ago and lead us to the back sloughs of the east delta. There we found a small stretch of 2-3ft vis and 55-58 degree water. Small jerkbaits and the now "not so secret" glide bait we producing. The fish were there, the grade was small though. Two weeks of 12-20 inch fish got old real quick.

Fast forward to this weekend and the story changes for the better. A few recon trips to the central and west delta found warmer 58-61 degree water and larger fish. The jerkbait continued to rule and 15-20 fish days were common. Friday and Saturday we finished with limits of 3-5lb males, some already milting. We tried to get them to eat on top but I figured the water was still a few degrees to cool. Until it happened on Sunday.

While fishing inside a flooded island we set up on a patch of tules. I made few casts to the structure with my pencil popper for no action. I heard a splash over my shoulder and saw a swirl. I made a cast with the plug and instantly hooked up. My dad followed up with a fish and we were doubled up. This immediately ignited the school and it was on for a good 15mins. We picked off 8-10 fish all on TW, with the biggest going 7lbs and a few larger models pulling off. Hot lure for the day was a 6" Delta Wood Bomber in Tenneesee Shad pattern.

We continued to pick up fish here and there all on TW. The season is finally busting open! At the dock I talked to a couple guides who all echoed the same, fish on every stop, mostly small males, but a few larger 7-12lb females(with green eggs).

Spring is my favorite time of year, it's like my Christmas. I'm looking forward to the first big push of giant females to get here...

Goals for this year are lofty, 40lber on TW and 20lber on 10lb test line. I guy can dream right!!

Good luck out there!!


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