Swisher Captures Camanche Title – YAB Lake Camanche 3/20/21

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Swisher Captures Camanche Title – YAB Lake Camanche 3/20/21

Postby MKA » Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:35 am

Camanche fish Mar 2021.jpg


Yak-A-Bass (YAB) held their second event of their 2021 season on Lake Camanche on Saturday, 3/20. A field of 113 anglers showed up to see who would be crowned the victor. The wide-open spring bite did not materialize and conditions were tougher than expected. Only 15 five fish limits (13 percent of the field) were submitted.
Morgan Swisher of Madera, CA figured them out under challenging conditions. Here’s how he secured the win with his 88.5” five fish limit:

“In practice for three days, I never even got one bite. I went over and around the humps, rock piles and shoreline following points looking for activity. I marked them by choosing a different waypoint icon so that with the lake being so low, I only went to those. I marked the larger fish arches.

On tournament day, I started off on a point and lost one on a brush hog as it was falling, then lost another on a jig (guess I was asleep), another on a hula grub and had a couple of bites on a Texas rig 4 1/2" Roboworm. At 8:00 I caught a 14.75” on that same worm. The bite died so I headed out to the middle of the lake where I had marked fish in practice. I tried dropshotting (aka video fishing) but never found that bite. All the marks were in 25-45'. I never found any making beds, so I figured the storms and cold put them back out. Then at 9:03 a 16", at 9:13 a 17.5", at 10:27 a 18", all on the same worm. At 11:30, a 15.75" on a split-shot with a reaper, at 12:59 an 18.75" on a 2" ned, and finally at 2:08 an 18.25" on a 2" ned. It seemed there was no structure like rocks or brush, not sure what they were out there doing, but they cooperated. No movement, deadsticking, then just lift and feel slight pressure. I just followed all my waypoints and kept in the same depth. I thought 95” would win it, so at the end of the day, hearing everyone’s struggles made me think I had a slim chance with my 88.5”.”

Here’s your top ten:
1. M. Swisher – 88.50 inches
2. D. Oien – 84.50 inches
3. J. Magno – 83.00 inches
4. M. Navarra – 82.75 inches
5. A. Koonko – 82.00 inches
6. J. Myers – 82.00 inches
7. J. Bryant – 80.00 inches
8. S. Jones – 80.00 inches
9. J. Burt – 78.50 inches
10. F. Rangel – 77.75 inches

Big Fish was an 18.75 incher submitted by D. Bell of Oakley, CA.

Next up for YAB is the Yak-A-Bass 2021 Spawn-A-Palooza on 4/17/21.

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Re: Swisher Captures Camanche Title – YAB Lake Camanche 3/20/21

Postby Morgan » Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:56 pm

There was actually a three way tie for big fish at 18.75". I had 1st as my next biggest was 18.25"and won the Low Roller big fish pot, David Oien had 2nd as his next biggest was 17.50" and David Bell was 3rd as his next biggest was 15". He won the High Rollers side pot. https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney-leaderboard/yak-a-bass-2021-camanche-3-slash-20-slash-2021-west-coast-championship-qualifier

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