Tas Triumphs on Tulloch (MKA Motherlode Series 5/11/19)

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Tas Triumphs on Tulloch (MKA Motherlode Series 5/11/19)

Postby MKA » Sat May 11, 2019 7:46 pm


On Saturday (5/11/19), 52 kayak anglers took to the water on Lake Tulloch for the third and final stop of the Motherlode Kayak Angler (MKA) Motherlode Series qualifier events. Anglers battled it out to see who would be crowned the Tulloch Champion, Angler of the Year, and who would make the top 15 to qualify for the 2019 MKA Classic to be held on Kelsey Bass Ranch on 6/22/19.

The weather was perfect, the water was crystal clear and the big fish were cruising the shallows. The water temp was in the low 60s and there were fish in all phases of the spawn. Anglers reported a few topwater fish but mostly a finesse bite with dropshot and Ned Rigs being the most popular. Tougher than expected conditions were reported by most. Only 35 anglers were able to bring a 3 fish limit the judging table. A few nice smallmouth bass were submitted but it was the largemouth that dominated today.

Ultimately, it as Tas Moua of Fresno, CA that found the right bites and secured the victory with an impressive 58.75-inch limit. He reported catching his 23" big fish on a 10" swimbait early shallow off a bed. He then went on to pick up the remainder of his limit on finesse baits.


Here's your top ten:
Tas Moua - 58.75 inches
Richard George - 55 inches
Kong Yang - 53.75 inches
Ponch Rangel - 52.75 inches
Wes Jones - 52.5 inches
James Williams - 52.5 inches
Shaun Leytem - 51.5 inches
Phillip Detevis - 51.5 inches
Adam Baumbach - 51.25 inches
Rob Knoles - 51 inches

52 anglers
35 limits
264 fish submitted
23 inch big fish x 2
1883 total inches
48.33-inch average limit
17.19-inch average big fish

Up next for MKA is the Summer Splash event to be held on Lake McClure on 6/2/19 followed by the 2019 MKA Classic on 6/22/19 on Kelsey Bass Ranch.

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