Total scan transducer screws cracked

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Total scan transducer screws cracked

Postby Dfuson » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:42 pm

I have a transom mounted Total Scan Lowrance transducer mounted via spring back bracket and Amour Shield plate (from Transducer Shield and Saver) on the starboard side of my Ranger RT188. Recently, I unknowingly had a large tule stalk wedged against the leading edge of the transducer during a long run back to the launch. The result was that the two screws closest to the transom (that were holding the transducer to the plate) cracked the plastic housing that contains the metal screw receiver on the top of the transducer. This leaves the leading edge loose with about 1/4 inch space between the transducer and the holing plate. Now, the transducer continues to catch debris and renders the scanner image unreadable. Ultimately, I'm sure the middle and end screws will also crack and I will no longer have a way to attach the transducer to the plate.

My DIU solution was to superglue the loose plastic pieces back into their transducer holes and reset the screws. Clamped the whole thing until set. It worked for a day.

Question--Is there another way to secure the transducer leading edge without interfering with the image it produces? My thoughts are--small zip ties and/or glue the edge of the transducer to the plate that holds it. Also wondered if I could put a rubber cap over the leading edge without getting loss of image quality. My other observation was that I should probably move the transducer up a bit so that less is in the water, but that won't solve the looseness of the transducer/plate attachment.

Seems silly to have to replace the transducer over two screw holes!

Any help appreciated!

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Re: Total scan transducer screws cracked

Postby basshol » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:31 am

Take it apart put some 2 part epoxy and And screw it back together should never come apart again

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