Trevor Heck is victorious at Lower Otay with SoCal

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Trevor Heck is victorious at Lower Otay with SoCal

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Trevor Heck dominates the field at Lower Otay Lake with an impressive 95.50” smoking second place by 3.50”. Heck practiced the weekend prior and found that the fish were holding tight to the tulles.

“I hoped and prayed that the bite was going to stay the same for the event.” stated Heck, “I had three spots marked out that I was going to fish during the tournament.”

“I started at my first location and caught 4 quality keepers.” expressed Heck, “I bounced to my second spot and immediately caught a 19.25-inch fish.”

“I went to my third spot and culled up on that spot.” revealed Heck, “It was really nice to catch fish at each location.”

“It was an amazing day for sure!” disclosed Heck, “My smallest fish was an 18.5” and my largest was a 20” fish.”

“I was Free rigging three baits, a sweet beaver from Reaction Innovations in green pumpkin, Berkey Power worm in the 10” in green pumpkin, and my best bait was the 6 Sense 7” Purple divine shaky worm.” divulged Heck, “Every fish came from the bank down to 12-feet deep.” ... ver/103374 ... rms/146390 ... -63/154498

“My last area kept reloading.” revealed Heck, “The fish were moving up to the tulles. The key was to make long cast to the area.”

Heck thanked first and foremost his Lord Saver Jesus Christ, his wife and kids, and all the guys and gals at the SoCal Kayak Anglers – an amazing group of anglers.

Brandon Cabrales was runner up with a total of 92.00”. Cabrales used a chatter bait in 7 to 9-feet of water by tulles. He then made an adjustment and started to use a Senko to help fill his limit.

“I started off with a chatter bait to catch my first few fish.” said Cabrales, “I caught two fish really quick, and both were nice fish.” ... mmer/93553 ... had/155365

“The chatter bait slowed down, so I picked up a Senko and caught the 20.25” fish.” vocalized Cabrales, “I tossed the Senko to a small pool in the tulles, and it felt like I was snagged and then the fish started to fight.”

“It was early in the morning, and I had already caught a 20.25” and a 19” fish.” declared Cabrales, “I wanted to fill my limit, so I picked up a drop shot and caught a 17” fish and filled my limit.”

“I ran the bank focusing on small ponds in the tulles with the Senko in hopes to catch another big fish.” stated Cabrales, “I was not able to repeat with another big fish.”

“I moved out deeper and started to use a drop shot in the weeds.” announced Cabrales, “The key to getting my bites was to have the drop shot get snagged and then pop it loose.”

“With just minutes left in the day a buddy said that there are fish moving towards you.” reported Cabrales, “I made a cast behind me and caught an 18.25” with only 5 minutes left in the tournament, this moved me up to second place.”

“I was using the 6” Margarita Robo worm on my drop shot rig.” ... worm/92383

Cabrales thanked his wife, kids, and parents for all their support.

Raymund Carig finished in third with 90.00”. Carig used a drop shot, Senko and a swim jig to catch his limit.

“I was fishing the tulles to catch over 20 fish during the event.” communicated Carig, “I worked the shore until I made it to the back and then moved back out.”

“I was using the MMIII Robo worm on my drop shot rig.” described Carig, “My swim jig was green pumpkin with a 4.8 Keitech trailer.” ... worm/92383 ... jig/150843 ... act/128305

“The Senko was a 5” green pumpkin with purple flake.” detailed Carig, “When I saw movement in the tulles, I would toss the Senko into the area.” ... moto-senko

“The swim jig, I would cast the bait deep into the tulles and slowly reel it back through to get my bites.” divulged Carig, “This is the technique my brother Sonny taught me back in the day.”

“My brother, Sonny knew I was ready to retire from the Navy after 26 years of service, so he introduced me to competitive fishing.” outlined Carig, “I am very thankful to my brother for introducing me to fishing. It has been an important part of my life helping me deal with all I went through during my time in the Navy.”

Carig thanked his brother Sonny for all his help and the SoCal guys for being there for him. “If there is anyone out there that needs help, the SoCal guys are there for you, come join us.”

Top Ten:
1. Trevor Heck 95.50”
2. Brandon Cabrales 92.00”
3. Raymund Carig 90.00”
4. Steve Buechner 88.50”
5. Justin Maupin 86.00”
6. Ron Kim 85.50”
7. David Dalton 83.75”
8. ElyPeter Landagan 83.75”
9. Julian Jones 83.50”
10. Mark Christman 83.25”

Big Fish:
Brandon Cabrales 20.25”
sckf otay big fish.png
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