UFC4 - "Battle of the Frogs" Week begins

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UFC4 - "Battle of the Frogs" Week begins

Postby AnglersPress » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:07 am


It's TIME!

UFC4 - "Battle of the Frogs" week is officially on... as next weekend - at this same time, we will be looking to induct another team into the Gone Fishin Marine UFC (Ultimate Frog Challenge) Hall of Fame!

Will Rossetti and Plaza repeat their command performance of last year? Or will a new team "hidin' in the cut" come out swinging with a "NEW" top water frog bait and put a "beatdown" on a ton of teams hoping to make it in?

We shall see...

And may the BEST frog win!

(Check the video below from last year's event!)

To register for the event go to http://www.anglerspress.com or call 916.768.0938

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