Video Posting Guidelines

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Video Posting Guidelines

Postby WB Staff » Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:05 pm

WesternBass wants to thank all anglers for sharing their videos with all of users on the site.

Here are the guidelines that WesternBass follows for appropriate videos.

Fishing related videos are welcome as long as..

1) They are embedded in the forum post. This means you post the specific video share link to YT or Vimeo within the post (NOT a link to your channel). With an embedded link to your vid, you will collect all the traffic hits to your video.

To embed your link, you copy and paste the share code…. It looks like this You then highlight that link and click the corresponding YT or Vimeo code in the post box.

IF this doesn’t work for you, just post the link and a moderator will do the rest. BUT again, please post a link to the vid NOT a link to your channel.

2) Videos that are not family-friendly (meaning they have audio or background music with inappropriate language) will not remain in the forums. They will be deleted.

3) Videos that are blatant advertorials for non-advertiser’s products will be deleted. You are welcome to post a video of you showing off your fishing day, fishing any product you like as well as the fish you caught on whatever lure/gear etc. you use. The difference in a video that is not appropriate is when the video is basically a commercial, promoting a product or company by a non-advertiser and those will have to be moved.

Because all of the WesternBass site and mags are totally free to all viewers, sometimes it is easy to forget that it is all paid for by the advertisers of the site. To be fair to our advertisers that make the site and magazine possible, we can’t allow non-advertisers to promote advertorial videos for free, while the advertisers pay to keep the site running.

Again, feel free to show off your fish, what worked for you that day, what you were fishing and/or how you were fishing... we are all here to talk, watch, learn and report our fishing days; but please respect the difference in posting an advertorial video or a video about a day on the water or a catch for the day.

We want to thank all the anglers that share their videos on the site. We know how much time and effort goes into filming and editing and appreciate that WesternBass is a place that you want to share your accomplishments.

Because we appreciate your time/effort and because we are here to talk and promote fishing, WB will post appropriate videos links from our site users on the home page and/or our social media. This will help you increase your traffic and visibility and it gives us all more fishing to talk about.

Thanks again for your support of the site!

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Re: Video Posting Guidelines

Postby mark poulson » Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:08 pm

Two thumbs up!!
Attitude plus effort equal success

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Re: Video Posting Guidelines

Postby Will D » Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:20 pm

I noticed you guys took down my Hypebait video, and posted this. However it meets your criteria. Its a review of the Imakatsu Iron mouth, and is in no way an advertisement. I have no affiliation with Imakatsu. We just like the bait and wanted to share that with everyone.

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Re: Video Posting Guidelines

Postby WB Staff » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:50 pm


There have been a couple of videos that have been deleted for one or more of the reasons explained, not just yours.

You were sent a PM explaining these same reasons when your video was moved.

An advertisement is a public medium that promotes a product, service or event. Whether someone is paid or not or whether they are affiliated or not, doesn't matter. For example, if you wear a Chevy cap, you are promoting Chevrolet... you are advertising for them, even if they didn't pay you to do so. You may wear it because you like the hat or even you like their trucks, but either way, you are advertising for Chevrolet.

It is different when a video explains why or how or where you should fish a "type" of lure compared to why you fish ABC brand of lures. For example: when to "fish a hollow-bodied frog compared to a popping frog" is different than "ABC frog is a great frog and you should fish it because"...

We hope this explanation clears up what is appropriate or not for posting.

We appreciate the time you took in putting together your video, but we have to stick to the guidelines posted.

We will support and promote your (as well as all anglers) videos as long as they respect the difference in posting a non-advertisers advertorial video or a video about a day on the water or a catch for the day. (and follow language issues).

As we said before, we want to thank you and all the anglers that share their videos on the site that is why we do help promote videos for anglers - so they get more exposure and so that they can share their experience and give us some more fishing to talk about.

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