Watch Out For Critters

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Watch Out For Critters

Postby Jboutfishn » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:01 pm

Just a note of caution concerning where you park you rig. Started my Duramax last week and got the dreaded "Check Engine" light. The Glo Plug Circuit A went nuts, oil pressure gauge went off scale, and clock jumped ahead 3 hours. :shock:

My diesel shop repaired part of the wiring harness where a local resident had chewed up some dinner. I had never had an issue but I recently I changed where I stacked firewood, thinking way to close to the truck. Maybe there is some good in the action because when I pulled up to the shop I noticed quite a bit of fluid dripping from the front. Yup, only got 137K out of the water pump. Better then than on some road in the middle of nowhere which I frequent often. :mrgreen:

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