Weekend Striper Report

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Weekend Striper Report

Postby THE DR » Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:21 am

Just a quick weekend re-cap. We fished before, during and after the huge storm that came over the weekend. As with any spring run plug trip, it was filled with highs, lows and everything in between.

3/3 fished the Central delta for minimal results. Few schoolies on swimbaits, nothing on TW.

3/4 Fished the Sac Side from 7am- noon. Again schoolies to 8lbs. Today they bit the larger glide baits. All fish up shallow and tight to hard strucure. Did lose a heartbreaker when a huge fish pulled the hook of a stock split ring. Humbling to say the least. New hardware went on that night..
3/5 Got out with HK and hammered em! Weather was brutal, high winds and showers kept most boats home. We had first shot at bunch of spots and got a ton of quality bites. Once again the glide bait was hot and accounted for most of the bites. I score a nice one on TW. And, lost another giant boat side after it took the plug and thrashed for a few seconds, only to come unbuttoned. HK was on point like always, getting his share of first cast fish on rock points. We had multiple doubles that day also which is always fun. I ended the day with the biggest fish at the last stop. Nice 18lber that took the RBT Savage Glide. Redemption for the one that got away the day before, Owner hyperwire splits and 4X Owners did the trick. Finished up with 10-15 fish all 6-14lbs. Best part of the trip was we were done by noon!Image


3/6 Back of for more punishment from mother nature, but it paid off. Winds were blowing hard SSE at 15-25mph. Not as hot a bite as Saturday, but steady and we had our fill of nice fish. On the water at noon and off at dark. Same tactics and lures as before. Points and breaks with strong current yielded a fish or two per spot. The big bites alluded us today. We did get into a nice school right at dark, that gave up some nice TW fish to 10lbs. Great way to cap off a crazy weekend. Thanks to my good friend Hamachi Kama for always giving me the call last minute all when it's go time! We always seem to grind hard in these conditions and usually pays off!

Since the storm hit, the water is now un-fishable for what we do. Looks like the whole system will be muddy for a couple weeks. Bummer too, the run was just going WFO! Guess it's back to snowboarding til it clears up!

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