What do you like/wish Fishing shows had more of?

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What do you like/wish Fishing shows had more of?

Postby Bigguyone » Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:42 am

I watch quite a few fishing shows and a lot of them just seem to be a little "mundane" and I get sick of just watching someone reel in fish or pitch products...so wanted to get your guys' take on it and what you think would improve these shows - as I contemplate some business ideas. Thank you for your input.

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Re: What do you like/wish Fishing shows had more of?

Postby kent » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:09 pm

Frankly, i couldn't agree more. They are flat and boring.
On the other hand bass and flw tournaments shows have a charm to them. They have slick coverage and the best sticks performing.
What i do take away from them and find forever interesting is the different bodies of water that they fish on. The different seasons they fish in and the different techniques they choose. This may be boring to tournament fisherman but to me it has really helped me understand bass a bit better . I have traveled to a ton of lakes and seem to catch bass when I go. I have learned alot from each episode and it has allowed me to research network prepare and forced me to learn different techniques for each lake or river.

I think a show has to talk about a body of water,The season its in and the fishermans approach to make the trip successful. The show has to focus on the WHY and then the HOW of the outing.
I believe the filming has to encompass B roll information that surrounds the trip. Ie. place in the country. Type of lake or river time of year with weather details, water levels, current water temps etc. Fishermans background and skill level and all the elements of figuring out the lake based on all elements. After all that the WHY the fisherman chooses to pursue them with a technique. When he is successful share the thought process that he went through and how he solved the puzzle. Amateurs and pros alike can all appreciate the complete, full circle approach of a show that shares so much.

Im sure some folks will agree with me and some may disagree however I watch alot of film and alot of shows on television. I lean toward HBO,Showtime and Netflix due to the quality of the writing, the character quality and the incredible story lines. Ie The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, the Killing of Rosie Larson.
I record BASS and FLW and watch them repeatedly.

I fished tournaments for 10 years and i understand the mindset that goes with the game. However, as I age i find it more fun to be challenged by lakes all over the country. It does not allow me the luxury of mastering One lake. Instead it forces me to learn outside my box. It forces networking, researching and of all things it teaches me to find the bass where he lives in different lakes. To break out the rods I own but dont always fish and to use them with skill and focus. I think if a show covered fishing from that full perspective they would be more interesting.
Finally I must admit that I do not get to see all of the shows that are being filmed by guys. I am certain there are many that have a good formula and satisfy the appetites of many guys out there. To those shows I tip my hat. But to answer your original question I am merely sharing my opinion of what I think a good show should have.
Please remember its just my opinion. I dont profess that everyone should agree. It's just the kind of fishing programming that works for me.

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