White Perch River Fishing Tips & Techniques

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White Perch River Fishing Tips & Techniques

Postby lukedh94 » Fri Apr 10, 2020 10:08 am

Hey everyone, first of hoping you and your families are still all doing well and staying safe! I was looking at the forums and didn't see any for other species - so if this isn't allowed please delete but wanted to share some techniques from our recent fishing trip where we were targeting white perch.

You can catch perch in pretty much any body of water. In the spring, they spawn and will often times run up rivers. So now is the time to hit the rivers and take advantage of the spring run!

When fishing for white perch it's good to get your bait down to the bottom and multiple hooks is a plus. Sabiki rigs (which is basically a rig that has multiple hooks coming off of it - it's generally used to catch bait fish in large quantities quickly) can be really effective and allows you to catch multiple at the same time (which is always fun)!

When they are biting it's one of my favorite species to target because it's all day action!

Stay safe and tight lines everyone!

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