BBT WILL Be At Clear Lake August 18th

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BBT WILL Be At Clear Lake August 18th

Postby BestBassTournaments » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:04 pm

We have received alot of calls about next Saturday's Northern Region Tournament at Clear Lake. After careful consideration and speaking with several people in the area we have decided to proceed with the event as planned. What Lake County needs now is money being spent at their businesses. So if you are coming up to join us get your gas, ice and other goods in Clear Lake. Maybe get a meal at one of the local restaurants. These businesses have been hit hard the last few years so give them some love if you can. To sign up for this event online please go to

Tournament: Clear Lake
Date: 8/18/2018
Body of Water: Clear Lake
Launch Location: Red Bud

Going out of Red Bud

There will be a Convenient Check Friday 20 -between 4pm and 6pm at the Clearlake Bait and Tackle in Red Bud.

Remember to receive the $10 Discount fee, you must sign-in by Thursday by 11:59 PM online or mail in your check with your entry form. All checks must arrive by Thursday prior to the tournament.  

This event will be going out of Red Bud Park behind Clear Lake Bait and Tackle. See the map.

  Quagga Mussel Inspections must be done before you launch your boat. You can get your boat inspected at Clearlake Bait & Tackle. Check -in will begin early Saturday morning at 3:30 AM at Clearlake Bait & Tackle.   If you have already checked in on Friday afternoon, you do not need to check in again as you will have your boat number to show the BBT men wearing chartreuse vests and have all your boat compartments open and ready for inspection then you can launch.

  If you are boating over from another launch site and you have already checked in on Friday afternoon, have your boat compartments open at the dock to have your boat checked there. If you have not checked in, you will have to sign up and get your boat number. (It is an easy walk to the Tackle Store for Check in) then open your boat compartments for the inspection. Coffee and snacks will be available in the morning.

Our Host Hotel Clear Lake Cottage707-995-5253  
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