10.77 to Win Kaweah | Cen Cal Elite Results April 24

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10.77 to Win Kaweah | Cen Cal Elite Results April 24

Postby WB Staff » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:45 pm

Vince BryanWes Vannoy.jpg


Congratulations to Vince Bryan and Wes Vannoy!
Great day out on the water!
1st Vince Bryan/Wes Vannoy 10.77lbs (4.04bf) $1,315.00
2nd Josh/Caanon Adams 10.37lbs (3.08bf) $740.00
3rd Gary Wasson/Jaime Marquez 9.60lbs $56.00
4th Dave Simpson/Randy Burger 9.40lbs $165.00
5th Jeremy Jones/ Nai Saeleaw 9.22lbs
6th David/Gage Coy 8.86lbs
7th Matt Frazier/Anthony Souza 8.81lbs
8th Josh Strinhauer/Larry Kerns 8.80lbs
9th Chris/Ethan Coffman 8.58lbs
10th Jeremy Krauer/Rocky Gonzalez 8.39lbs
11th Tray/Jerry Williams 8.09lbs
12th Sergio Mendoza/Micheal McLoughlin 7.88lbs
13th Richard Raymond 7.76lbs $275.00
14th Troy Larsen/Daniel Moreno 7.56lbs
15th Dave Nishimoto/Kodi Wasson 7.19lbs
16th Matthew Hood/Ricky Caney 7.17lbs
17th Darl Head/James Beasley 6.49lbs
18th Chris Nguyen/Wesley Chubbuck 4.35lbs
19th George Rosales/Ray Grammer 4.28lbs
20th Jeff Beutler/Kevin Woodside 3.98lbs
21st Mark Wassnick/Les Lees 3.12lbs
22nd Brandon Turner, Stephen Howard/Jess Coulter

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