• Westernbass Magazine, Spring 2017

    Westernbass Magazine, Spring 2017

    Hi All, Looks like it’s time to kick off a new season of fishing. For some of us in California, that may be on hold due to the high water levels. We are excited to see the fishing trips and tournaments resume in areas that have been affected. I would like to congratulate the Wild West Bass Trail for their record attendance 181 boat draw at their Shasta event and to Best Bass Tournaments for their 128 boat draw at their Northern Region opener at Berryessa. Like longtime WesternBass viewer Jeff Huth said – I think we are safe to say that the fisherman in and around NorCal are ready to fish!!! And, how exciting is to watch – what seems to be an endless supply – of world record-sized spotted bass be caught and sent in to IGFA for certification. Who knows where the next one will come from, what it will weigh and who will catch it – could it be you? Lastly, I want to share my thoughts and prayers with those, such as the Clear Lake, Oroville and Delta residents, that are facing uncertainty and loss due to flooding and evacuations that have occurred because of the rains.

  • Winter Bass Fishing | Click for Magazine | FREE and Available NOW!

    Winter Bass Fishing | Click for Magazine | FREE and Available NOW!

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  • Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2017

    Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2017

    Hi all, As we wrap up the fall season and get ready to jump into winter bassin’, I want to congratulate Angler’s Marine on their 30th anniversary of Bass-A-Thon. As always the “West’s biggest bass fishing show” did not disappoint. It is always one of the greatest bass events of the year. If you missed out on the action, you can catch up with some of the pros and vendors in the forums and you can stay tuned to We will be bringing the pro seminars to you on the site, courtesy of Angler’s Marine. We are anxiously looking ahead to the next sports show on the agenda – ISE Sacramento, coming Jan. 19 – 22. We are also excited as all of our tournament organizations get geared up for the new season. The tournament calendar can help you get your schedule together. As a Holiday bonus, is serving up this extra issue of bass catching action to close out 2016. Check out the whole year in the Magazine Library. Finally, I would like to congratulate George Kramer “job well done” on 20 years of Kramer Gone Fishing! George has decided to close down the blog and pursue more fishing time and also plans to continue writing on Westernbass. Enjoy!