• Migratory Fish Barriers Removed

    Migratory Fish Barriers Removed

    A dam, 2 miles downstream, was removed in 2012.

  • Keeping Tabs on Migratory Sportfish

    Keeping Tabs on Migratory Sportfish

    Seaguar continues its support of Gray FishTrag Research roosterfish study Louisville, KY – There has never been a more critical time to learn about the marine fisheries that we rely upon for sport and commerce. Such research faces significant headwinds, as many of the target pelagic species frequently migrate hundreds, if not thousands, of miles during the course of their lives, and public resources to support detailed population studies are limited. Nevertheless, anglers and scientists have forged a unique partnership – Gray FishTag Research – in an effort to gather high-quality data on marine fish population dynamics, migration patterns, growth rates, habitat preferences, and more.

  • NOAA Announces Highly Migratory Shark Regs

    NOAA Announces Highly Migratory Shark Regs

    Final Amendment 6 to the 2006 Consolidated Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Fishery Management Plan (FMP) (Amendment 6) implements a range of management measures for the Atlantic commercial shark fisheries.