• Successful Strategies for Fishing Behind a Boater

    Successful Strategies for Fishing Behind a Boater


    Making the most out of used water comes down to adaptation and a confidence in your ability to make a move from the back of the boat. Co-anglers continue to learn and adjust to not only fishing conditions, environmental patterns and all of the other known stressors in tournament bass fishing, but these men and women must also compete on the fly where many times, boaters can throw serious curve balls throughout the day. This article is meant to help drive the co-angler’s ability to adapt and overcome.

  • Slashbaiting for Winter Bass

    Slashbaiting for Winter Bass

    While many anglers focus on the cadence, the dominant slashbait artist pays attention to something a bit more hidden – the jerkbait’s available slack.#TBT

  • Boat Prep: Maintenance for Winter Weather

    Boat Prep: Maintenance for Winter Weather

    Fishing during the coldest season can bring huge results for those who brave freezing conditions and colder than normal environments. Many anglers slow their presentations to a sluggish crawl and often fish for very few bites, but in order to safely proceed with winter fishing there are a few basic steps to maintaining your boat.

  • The Blade Bait: A Notorious Smallmouth Lure #TBT

    The Blade Bait: A Notorious Smallmouth Lure #TBT

    Blade baits are notorious smallmouth lures. These baits are perfectly suited for cold, clear water, but they are often underutilized because of a lack of detailed information on how and where to get started.

  • Glide Baits in Northern Waters

    Glide Baits in Northern Waters


    While double digits are rare in the north, many fish over 5-pounds are caught on glide baits throughout the year. Fall is a prime season for exploiting fish feeding up for the winter. While some fish may be striking for a meal, others may hit or swipe from pure instinct. Recognizing the bait’s position after the catch can help indicate what the current mood is of those fish in your particular lake or river

  • Two Ways to Change Your Dropshot

    Two Ways to Change Your Dropshot


    In most cases, braided main line has taken the majority of credit for increased sensitivity, less line maintenance and an increase in fish catches. Beyond the most sensitive of rods and perfectly matched spinning reels, customizing baits and double-rigs seem to catch the majority of attention to those who are trying to separate themselves from the competition, but there are a couple of alterations that can actually increase your efficiency with a dropshot.

  • Advanced Spinnerbaits

    Advanced Spinnerbaits


    Spinnerbaits are the tried and true lures known for consistent performance and year round effectiveness. From being used as a successful tournament bait to sticking trophy fish around cover, spinnerbaits excel in most fishing conditions. With the induction of social media and online resources, custom baits have made their way to anglers across the country.

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2015

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2015

    Hi, First I Would Like To Thank You All For Supporting Westernbass and Our Sponsors. As You All Know, Our Sponsors Is What Makes This Magazine And All The Content FREE To You !!! The heat of the summer has finally hit us! We’ve already enjoyed some of the annual summer events with the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge on the Delta and the WON Bass California Open at Clear Lake and we still have several more to look forward to including the frog events. The California Delta will welcome TWO frog events this year. For 2015, the Snag Proof Open and Angler’s Press will hold separate frog events. The ever-popular, longstanding, ORIGINAL frog only event - the Snag Proof Open will blast off for its 14th annual tournament on the first weekend of August (1st and 2nd) as it always has. There are some changes to the Snag Proof Open format for this year. NEW for the anglers: - The event will be run by Randy Pringle and the BBT staff, who will be donating their time, allowing for a 100% entry fee payback. - Boat order will not be by signups. There will be a lottery draw for boat release order. - All entries received by July 15 will receive a FREE breakfast on Day 1 AND a FREE BBQ at weigh-in of Day 1. In this issue of the WesternBass.com Magazine, you will be able to find several tips to get a jump on your frog fishing as well as other summertime tips, tricks, techniques and other fishing news. STAY tuned to the site in mid-July as WesternBass will travel to Florida for the 2015 ICAST show. We will be there to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest industry innovations. Until then, enjoy the summer issue! Wayneg

  • Using a Beast for a Smallie on a Negotiator

    Using a Beast for a Smallie on a Negotiator

    Using an Abu Garcia Revo Beast for a smallie. First fish on the first trip with my newest swimbait, The Roman Made Negotiator.

  • Fishing Moses Lake in Washington State

    Fishing Moses Lake in Washington State


    Moses Lake is a Washington State fishery known for a mix of dynamic smallmouth and trophy largemouth. With a semi-arid climate and very few fishing restrictions, this area of the region is nearly 6,800 acres of bass abundant water that many anglers utilize for early ice-out fishing. In spring, reaction baits are the most effective methods for catching quality fish that quickly advance through the stages of spawning.

  • Cut It Some Slack: Slashbaiting

    Cut It Some Slack: Slashbaiting


    In early spring, the rise and fall of a boat’s bow can alter the pause of your bait. One of my favorite baits for slashing is the Ima Flit 120 in Matte Bluegill

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2014

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2014

    Hi Readers, Looks like we are right in the middle of the summertime fishing season. It has been a great season so far for us. We've enjoyed adding Bobby Barrack's Delta Bass Scoop to the regular lineup and were excited to bring you coverage with several of the popular events including the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge and the Coors Light Invitational by Anglers Press, the FLW Delta Western Division as well as the California Open with WON Bass. We are looking forward to more to come with the Snag Proof Open and BassFest in August and the U.S. Open in September. In the meantime, we are excited about the 2015 ICAST event in a couple of weeks. Bobby Barrack will be attending the event for WesternBass and will be ready to show you many of the new products that will be available. We've recently added a new section to the classifieds. It is available for site users to list waterfront / lake type properties and tournament lodging. As with all the other classified forums, there is no charge for listing or looking. Remember, we have a detailed section with many resources including videos, tide tables etc. available to users in the DELTA section of the site and many resources available in the INTERACTIVE tab. Watch the forums for upcoming information. There is much more to come. Good fishing! Wayne