Spring cranking


  • Westernbass Magazine, Spring 2019

    Westernbass Magazine, Spring 2019

    Hi Anglers It seems each season when we go to “print”, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It is no different with this spring. One third of the year has already passed and I’ve been busy making travel plans for the year’s biggest industry event – ICAST. I’m looking forward to it! With all of the rain, the spring looks like it will bring a helluva fishing season. It is great to see the lakes full and some pictures of some big ones already being shown off. As we know there have been a lot of changes within the industry competition this past year and it is exciting to see how it plays out! As you follow your favorites, please consider the WesternBass site and supporting our magazine sponsors. They are the reason that we can bring you the content that we do. Good Fishing! Wayne