The new Yama Ichi 10" Worm


As with most things, all big worms are not created equally. Oftentimes, the details hidden in the design and formula are the true difference maker. In the case of the all-new Ichi Worm, the design paired with the formula sets this big worm apart from its competitors. By utilizing the ribbed body much akin to our popular Slinko, the Ichi Worm offers a bulky profile that displaces water and releases bubbles. Despite the bulk, this design doesn’t hinder hookups as it allows for maximum hook penetration. The combination of the ribbon tail, bulky ringed body, & our Mega Floater Formula ensures that the Ichi stands up and moves with ease, even with the slowest movement or lightest weights. Available in 16 colors, the 10” Ichi worm has incredible action and appeals to the quality of bass that you tell stories about for years to come

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