All-New BioSpawn ExoPod Lures Line

Catch Co. Releases All-New BioSpawn ExoPod Lures Line

CHICAGO – Catch Co., the creators of BioSpawn Lures, as well as Mystery Tackle Box, Karl’s Bait & Tackle, are expanding the BioSpawn Lures lineup with the innovative new BioSpawn ExoPod – available now to all customers, after a successful pre-sale and exclusive offer to Karl's Club members over the last 30 days..

Following the popular BioSpawn ExoSwim, which launched in 2018, this new lure combines some of the best-performing features of BioSpawn baits and retails for $4.99 or $3.49 for Karl’s Club members.

"The BioSpawn ExoPod is an incredible addition to an already well-rounded soft plastic lineup. Versatility is the key word with this new lure that excels as a jig trailer, flippin' and pitchin' bait, swing head, and more,” said Matt Kestufskie, Brand Manager for Catch Co. “For anglers looking for a compact craw plastic with subtle action and straight-out-of-the-lab look, the ExoPod deserves a spot in their arsenal.”

Lifelike BioSpawn ExoPod is Built for Versatility

The BioSpawn ExoPod features a sectioned bait fish body similar to the BioSpawn ExoSwim, with craw appendages mirroring those found on other BioSpawn lures. The ExoPod’s compact profile creature bait has subtle finesse action on the flapping appendages retrieved at any speed, intended for pressured fish.

The BioSpawn ExoPod is built with a hook slot channel to help protect the hook point and slip through cover with ease. It also includes BioScent – a proprietary mixture of anise and other compounds found on all baits within the lineup.

The lure can be Texas rigged, used on an EWG, or on the back of a swim jig, spinnerbait or bladed jig during the spring for a lifelike presentation. ExoPod bait also can be trimmed down for an even further compact trailer for a finesse jig, or it can be kept intact for a punch rig. Additional options include inverting the claws 90 degrees and threading the ExoPod vertically on the hook for a more natural presentation as a trailer on a swim jigs or bladed jigs.

The BioSpawn ExoPod can be used for fishing on a bait casting setup, on a 10-15-pound fluorocarbon, or a 20-65 pound braid.

“I’ve had the honor of using this trailer recently, and I cracked some pre-spawn Smallmouth on the ExoPod earlier in the Spring,” said Josh Douglas, FLW Angler and BioSpawn Pro. “also, I need more, Now!”

The BioSpawn ExoPod is now available to customers via Karl’s Bait and Tackle, Catch Co.’s direct-to-consumer shopping experience. Customers can save 30% on the suggested retail price of new ExoPod by joining Karl’s Club, an annual membership club that offers exclusive benefits, including enhanced shipping options, pre-releases and invite only sales. Visit and follow us on social media at @karlsbaitandtackle on Instagram to shop and learn more.

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