All-new Park Falls-made bass rods

PARK FALLS, Wisc.  – Successful anglers learn something from every outing on the water. St. Croix does, too. Just as an angler experiments with different presentations to maximize results, the family-owned American rodcrafters never stop looking for new ways of combining the latest materials and technologies to craft and deliver the Best Rods on Earth®.

St. Croix Product Manager, Ryan Teach, says the company’s all-new bass-centric rod series being announced next week represents a big win for anglers at all levels. “Our goals for this new series were simple,” he says. “Utilize our latest, all-new material to produce the best-performing series of technique-specific bass rods available in a mid-level price range (most models in the new series will retail between $180 and $200)… AND build them on American dirt, right here in Park Falls, Wisconsin.”


Teach describes the new material – known as SCIII+ – as a hybrid of St. Croix’s advanced SCIII carbon and exotic SCVI carbon. “In itself, SCIII is an exceptional material for building fishing rods,” he says. “It’s a high-modulus high-strain carbon fiber that produces sensitive and lightweight rods with excellent durability. SCIII is used in our Avid, latest-generation Mojo Bass, Mojo Musky and other popular St. Croix rod series,” Teach adds. “SCVI is a super high-modulus high-strain carbon fiber that’s too stiff to be used as a primary material, but can be efficiently combined in selective amounts and strategic locations with other materials – SCIII in this case – to add power while reducing overall weight. At the same time, durability and performance are further enhanced with our ARTTM (Advanced Reinforcing Technology), FRS (Fortified Resin System), TET (Taper Enhancement Technology) and IPC® (Integrated Poly Curve) technologies. These new rods have it all, at a price that’s accessible for a wide variety of anglers. ”

While lightweight performance and extreme durability are hallmarks across the entirety of this new series, Teach says the construction of each technique-specific model is customized to excel in its intended use. “The exact amount and location of SCVI material is optimized on each rod in the series. Each one is different and completely unique,” he says. “For the angler, that means each rod has the right power exactly where it’s needed, with a correctly balanced tip that supports the desired technique while minimizing rod torque. And it isn’t just the blanks that are unique,” Teach continues. ”Handles, guide spacing, and even hook-keeper designs are customized and optimized on each of these rods.”

St. Croix will announce full details of these exceptional new made-in-the-USA bass rods next Monday, February 15. They’ll be available for anglers to purchase online and at select St. Croix dealers nationwide on March 19.

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