Colors and Conditions for 5 Lures with Brent Ehrler

Daiwa pro Brent Ehrler caught 9lb-12oz BIGGEST BASS in BASSMASTER CLASSIC 2017.He was at the third place as the result. Photo Daiwa

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brent Ehrler has been with Lucky Craft even longer than his pro career that dates back to 2005. A Lucky Craft Crate became available from Mystery Tackle Box featuring some of Ehrler’s favorites.  He shares tips for fishing these baits and what situations are best for the included colors and which Daiwa gear is best for the presentation.

JERKBAIT - Pointer 95 – Table Rock Shad

The Pointer series is one of the most popular jerkbaits on the market and Ehrler is a fan of this smaller finesse offering.

“A jerkbait is a great option early in the spring and then during fall and winter. It is great for pre-spawn and then again after they are done spawning and are still shallow,” he begins and says anytime the fish are shallow a jerkbait will get bit. “The Table Rock Shad color is a great choice for slightly stained water because it is so bright, but I have also seen times when they want that brighter color even in crystal clear water.”

Ehrler prefers a medium-light rod for his jerkbait fishing and says that it helps get a good action from the bait and nearly eliminates the need to set the hook on fish.

“I fish a jerkbait like this on a Daiwa Tatula ® Elite ™ Signature Series rod designed by Seth Feider. It is a 6’9” medium light Tatula Elite rod and you don’t have to worry about setting because when they get it they get hooked,” he says 

He’ll pair the rod with a Daiwa SV in the 6.3:1 gear ratio and will fish it on 10-pound Sunline FC Sniper in open water and bump up to 12-pound when bigger fish are in that body of water or if there is more cover around.

When it comes to retrieves, he fishes the Pointer 95 erratically for best results. “I’ll mix it up. Twitch it twice and pause and then twitch it three times and pause, the constant change helps trigger bites,” says the California pro.

CRANKBAIT SKT DR 65 - Aurora Black

This crankbait in the Mystery Tackle Box Lucky Craft Crate is a good all-around bait according to Ehrler.

“Most crankbaits have a wide wobble but this one has a really tight wobble. That is what makes it so good in cold water, but it will also work year round,” he says and adds that a standard cast and retrieve is the best approach. “One thing with this and all crankbaits it to make sure it is hitting bottom. That is what they are designed to do and is the biggest key when fishing a crankbait.”

He will fish it on the same exact rod, reel and line he uses for the Pointer 95 when fishing the SKT DR 65.

The color that is included in the box is Aurora Black and he feels that is a great color for many situations. “It has a nice foil finish and imitates a shad very well. It is good for both clear or stained water, he said.”

DEEPER CRANKBAIT Flat CBD-12 75 – Ghost Brown

The next crankbait that is included is a larger option and will dive to 12-feet.

“The cool thing about this crankbait is that it has a tungsten weight transfer system. This allows it to have a ‘hunting’ action as it darts side-to-side,” says the Elite Series pro. “It is a good crankbait or late spring and summer when the fish are a little deeper.”

He will fish this bait on his own signature series Tatula Elite rod, the 7’4” medium heavy glass crankbait and bladed jig rod. He will again use the same reel and 12-pound FC Sniper.

The color included in the crate is Ghost Brown and Ehrler says that and all similar translucent colors are best in specific conditions.  “Clear water and bright days are when you want those clear, translucent colors.”

SHALLOW CRANKBAIT Classical Leader 55 – Cream Soda

The next crankbait included is a shallow runner that Ehrler prefers when bass are keying on small baitfish. “It will run 3-5 feet deep and is a good little crankbait. I’ll fish it like other crankbaits and try to hit the bottom to get the best action out of the bait,” he says.

He will fish it on the same 6’9” medium-light Tatula Elite, same reel and 12-pound FC Sniper.

The color is called Cream Soda, which is chartreuse with a blue back. “That is a great color in both stained water and also first thing in the morning and right before dark. It is great for low light conditions,” he adds.

TOPWATER Sammy 85 - Aurora Pro Black

The Lucky Craft Crate also includes a topwater bait, a Sammy 85. This small profile bait is great for schooling fish, according to Ehrler.

“It has a real subtle action and doesn’t cause too much of a commotion. There are times when the bass are schooling that this is all they want,” he says and feels a standard walk-the-dog retrieve is the best approach.

He feels the Aurora Pro Black is a good color choice. “It imitates a bunch of different baitfish,” he says and adds that he will again use the 6’9” medium-light Tatula Elite rod with Daiwa SV reel. He does change his line for this bait and will use 30-pound Sunline TX1 braid with a two-foot leader of 15-pound Sunline Shooter Defier Armilo.

The Lucky Craft Crate from Mystery Tackle Box is a great deal on five excellent baits from Lucky Craft. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brent Ehrler has years of experience with each and every one of them and feels they will cover many different situations you may encounter on the water.