Don’t Leave Home Without These Lucas Products with Fred Roumbanis

Professional bass angler Fred Roumbanis travels thousands of miles each year as he competes in the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing events. He has learned over the years to be prepared for everything, and his truck is stocked full of everything he may need on the road. In the back of his boat is a five-gallon bucket filled with all of the Lucas Oil products he uses to clean and maintain his gear.

Slick Mist

The Slick Mist line of products includes Speed Wax, Interior Detailer, and Tire & Trim Shine. Lucas has put all of them together in one kit, or they can be purchased separately.

“I use everything in the kit and have it all in the bucket. It is the easiest spray to use to keep your boat and truck clean,” says Roumbanis. “I like to wash the boat and truck first, but you don’t have to. Just spray and wipe it down with the microfiber towel that comes in the kit.”

The Slick Mist Detailing Kit includes the Interior Detailer, Tire & Trim Shine,

Speed Wax, No Mess! Tire & Trim Applicator, and a microfiber towel.

Reel Oil

“This is an awesome product and is so easy to apply because of the applicator,” Fred says about the precision needle applicator they use that makes it easy to reach small parts on your reels.

“I live on a gravel road, and I really should put my rods in the rod locker when I am done fishing, but I have a bad habit of not doing it. As a result, I have to oil my reels more than most people, and this works great to keep my reels smooth,” he says.

He says that just a few drops will make the reel feel new again and he adds the oil to the bearings, worm gear, and even the handles. “I can’t stand when the handles squeak, and this stops it,” adds Roumbanis.

Marine Grease

Roumbanis never leaves home for a tournament without this product.

“I run a Bob’s jack plate, and this grease is perfect to keep it moving up and down smoothly and quietly. It’s straightforward to apply with a grease gun, and it makes it simple to keep the jack plate moving properly,” he says.

They designed this product mainly for extreme situations, and it is resistant to rust and oxidation. It stays in place and keeps working no matter what the conditions and in both fresh and saltwater.

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Octane Booster

Roumbanis runs a Mercury Verado outboard and Mercury recommends using higher-octane fuel to keep it running as intended. Of course, that comes with an added expense, but adding this product will help get the boost needed to have the engine run as designed.

Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers

We all know the dangers of ethanol by now and adding something to combat the damages is something we should all be doing for our bass boats and any other engines that run on gas.

“The ethanol fuel conditioner part helps to prevent rust and corrosion from ethanol, but it also makes everything run better. I use it in my boat but have really noticed a huge difference in how well my Side-by-Sides run,” Roumbanis says. “Generally they run pretty rough and adding this to my fuel makes them run so much better.”

One other use for this product is for any engine that is going to be sitting idle for an extended period.

“It helps to keep your fuel from gumming up. If you store your boat or are only taking it out a few times a month this will help to keep it running better,” he shares. “It is a benefit to anything that has an engine.”

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Gun Oil

While Roumbanis doesn’t necessarily bring all of his big guns and Gun Oil on the road, he says this product has been a benefit. He is an avid shooter and is sponsored by gun maker CMMG. “Like the reel oil, one drop of the Gun Oil goes a long way. I never have an issue with the gun jamming, and I shoot all of the time,” he says.

There are countless products available from Lucas Oil to help clean your products as well as to ensure that they are running smoothly. The products above are items that Fred Roumbanis uses wherever he goes and has found that he can’t live without.