Rejection of the Pebble Limited Partnership’s permit

Pebble Mine Permit Rejected by USACE

Last Wednesday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its rejection of the Pebble Limited Partnership’s permit application to develop a copper-molybdenum-gold mine in southwest Alaska. The proposed project would have been located 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, near the headwaters of the world-renowned Bristol Bay salmon fishery. There has been a long-fought battle over the proposed mine, with both sport anglers and commercial fisherman opposing the project.

From the Army Corps of Engineers statementThis decision on the proposed Pebble Project culminates a review process that lasted nearly three years and involved the development of an environmental impact statement. That assessment included an in-depth analysis of project alternatives along with an examination of supplemental technical information provided by cooperating agencies and the public. In its record of decision, USACE determined that the applicant’s plan for the discharge of fill material does not comply with Clean Water Act guidelines and concluded that the proposed project is contrary to the public interest.

This action is based on all available facts and complies with existing laws and regulations. It reflects a regulatory process that is fair, flexible and balanced. USACE is committed to maintaining and restoring the nation’s aquatic resources, while allowing reasonable development.

Earlier this year, key Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr., voiced opposition to the mining project (read all about that here). Conservation groups are applauding the decision whole heartedly.

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