John Myers Wins Championship

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John Myers Wins Championship

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John Myers Holds Lead to Win Kayak Series Championship on Thermalito Afterbay.jpg
Super Clean pro John Myers of Atwater, Calif. stretched a Day One lead of less than two-inches to nearly 20-inches, winning the 2021 Wild West Bass Trail (WWBT) Kayak Series Championship presented by Headwaters Kayak on the Thermalito Afterbay. Myers added 79.5” to his Day One 75.25” for a tournament total of 154.75” to rocket above the 46-angler field.

Myers focused on tule islands on the north end of the lake, making a 40-minute run each day to his primary area.

“I would get the kayak right up against the tules,” he said. “I would throw my lure to the points, bring it right to the outside of the point and crash it through the tule points around the berm. I would make multiple casts to the same spot, and I mean multiple casts.

“On the last day, I had to make an adjustment and what I did was instead of crashing into the tules, I had to pull back and fish in six-foot with the boat in eight-foot. There was some aquatic vegetation that I would have to nick with my spinnerbait to get the fish to bite.”

The spinnerbait that Myers referenced was homemade. He described it as ¾-ounce with a blue/lavender skirt and double willows in chrome. It held a five-inch Zoom Grub in an iridescent pearl color.

“The blade size was extremely important,” he said. “It was a key because...

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Re: John Myers Wins Championship

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