Making 50hp outboard faster

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Making 50hp outboard faster

Postby Basscalade510 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:16 am

So I have a tacker classic XL with a 50hp mercury outboard, totally stock. I'm usually taking it out on the ca delta and maxing out at about 33mph (according to my helix). I'm trying to get some more top end out of it. I was looking into getting hydrofoils and possibly a new propeller but not sure where to start or what kind of improvement that would give me. You guys got any feedback/ideas?


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Re: Making 50hp outboard faster

Postby Lapsbp » Thu Apr 29, 2021 6:15 pm

What is rpm running.
I have a 60 hp on a 170 fishmaster deep v with 2/3 people I was running 4600 to 4800 rpms
That was a 15 pitch prop a d doing 12/15 mph went with a 13 in prop hidro foil
Got up to 20 mph a d 5200 rpms .then went with a 11 inch prop a.d got to 26/28 mph and 5800/6000 rpms . But if I run on just me with the 13 pitch I can run about 33/35
Mph. What I found out with
4 stroke motors
Keep a eye on rpms that's how to figure out where the motor likes to run load changes change how they run with the smaller motors and the planning out changes with the prop too . But the hydro foils help out a lot on the motors too. I will not take mine off

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