Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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Fast Eddie
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Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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Just wondering if it's common that you have to pedal down (heel) and tap the power button to get your Ghost to release so it can be stowed?
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Re: Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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no you can go into the settings and everytime you bring it up it will go to left or right
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Re: Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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On my Ghost I have to just snap the pull cord and it releases. If you just pull slowly, it won’t release. Just try a quick jerk and it will release every time. The head will always turn and lay flat.
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Re: Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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Your Ghost should deploy and retract very smoothly. The key is in proper mounting. It should be mounted with 6 bolts and on a perfectly flat and level surface. Some boats do not have a level surface, and in that case when you tighten all bolts the mount bends to conform to the fiberglass surface. That is called putting your mount in a bind. This will cause the locking pin to not smoothly release when you pull the cable.

You can tell if this is your problem by loosening your bolts a little bit (especially the front two) and then checking the operation of your motor during deployment and retraction. If it is smoother then you know your mount needs to be adjusted.

Lowrance provides rubber washers for this situation with all Ghost motors. Use these to level an unlevel surface. Usually the front bolts are where the washers usually are needed.

I highly recommend getting your Ghost mounted correctly. Makes it a pleasure to deploy and retract, and keeps it from getting damaged by components that are binding and have to be forced.
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Re: Idiosyncrasies of Ghost Trolling Motor

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What Alan said..sometimes it feels like I'm about to rip that dang cord off trying to get it to pop. I do find it easier when I lean forward and pull straight up rather than at an angle towards me..once its popped the head turns and the gas struts take over for a smooth landing.
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