• Combat Crankbait

    Combat Crankbait

    Ever Green’s frontline CR-Series crankbaits come dressed in fresh new uniforms.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Crankbait Fishing! | Part 1

    The Ultimate Guide to Crankbait Fishing! | Part 1

    Mike Iaconelli Fishing

  • Crankbait Supremecy

    Crankbait Supremecy

    Mindful crankbait anglers know all lures are not created equal.

  • Lipless Crankbait Techniques

    Lipless Crankbait Techniques

    The Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe is a lipless vibrating style of lure that has a distinct rattle. The weight and BBs inside the Rattl’n Vibe increase the distance the sound travels under the water, while adding casting weight and emitting a natural shad-in-distress sound. This style of lure is well known in the fresh water fisheries and can be fished with different retrieves; fast, slow, stop-and-go, vertical jigged or ripping and falling action. The Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe actually swims down on the fall unlike most lipless crank baits.

  • Flex Crankbait 3700

    Flex Crankbait 3700

    The EDGE line of storage solutions from Plano are proven favorites thanks to their intuitive designs that store tackle securely while keeping it easy to access when the bite heats up.

  • Hardcore Crankbait Retrieves with Brandon Card

    Hardcore Crankbait Retrieves with Brandon Card


    Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Card experiments with different retrieves based on the season, weather conditions, and even down to specific schools of fish.

  • Crankbait Rod Landing Convo

    Crankbait Rod Landing Convo

    I seem to lose more fish than I should on my shallow to to mid depth cranking rod

  • Rumble B Crankbait

    Rumble B Crankbait

    Designed to cover a range of depths, the trolling-friendly Rumble B has already proven itself

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2021

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2021

    Hi Readers, It’s great to see things returning to some normalcy. I hope that your fishing trips, tournaments and adventures are as well. I look forward to seeing the remainder of the season play out and all of the big fish catches that will bring. On the horizon for this year, we are excited to announce that the largest distributor of tackle in Northern California – Tackle Tech – will be moving its headquarters from Manteca to Sacramento and continue to serve the Fisherman’s Warehouse retail locations, as well as many other retail dealers on the West Coast. These combined locations have been pleased to serve anglers for over 35 years! I once again want to thank you – the WesternBass site viewers and readers – for your continued support of us, the magazine and the advertisers. As always, please continue to support the site’s advertisers. They are what makes this all possible! Tight lines,Thank you all for your support and good luck on the water! Wayne

  • Fishing above grass, rock and wood

    Fishing above grass, rock and wood

    targeting less aggressive fish

  • A crankbait is a money-making tool

    A crankbait is a money-making tool

    For twelve-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier John Crews...

  • XD Crankbait Rod Convo

    XD Crankbait Rod Convo

    spent some time after the spawn this year throwing some bigger / deeper diving crankbaits.

  • Crankbait School with Keith Combs VIDEO

    Crankbait School with Keith Combs VIDEO

    Expertise on targeting big bass with crankbaits.

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2020

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2020

    Hi Anglers I hope you and your family are doing fine and hopefully back to fishing the lakes you enjoy. The summer fishing season is finally here – something many of us have been excitedly waiting for during the forced hiatus. It is very nice to see some normalcy returning to our fishing industry. Thanks to all of our readers for sharing their fishing adventures in the forums. To kick off the season, our summer issue features one of the many anglers that contributes to essential workers in these challenging times. WesternBass wants to thank Clara as well as the many, many others. Please keep your local mom and pop businesses and the people and places that support them, in mind for your needs. We are all on the road to recovery together! Good luck on the water! Wayne

  • Crankin’ When You’re Not Considered a Crankbait Guy

    Crankin’ When You’re Not Considered a Crankbait Guy


    It reminds him of an old-school bait he used growing up around the California Delta.

  • PB on a chartreuse and blue crankbait

    PB on a chartreuse and blue crankbait

    A mid-February day that dawned with near-freezing temperatures

  • Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2020

    Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2020

    Hi Anglers Another full year of fishing is wrapping up and the excitement of the new season is already starting to hit us. WesternBass will again be the sponsor of the nationally renowned International Sportsmen’s Expo Aquarium tank in January. Be sure and stop by and check out the line-up of bass pros that will be available to share tips and tricks to catch more and bigger fish! Be sure to also stop by the Fisherman’s Warehouse Megastore booth. Last years show had many super specials and this years show should be even larger. We are ready to help kick off the new year of tournaments for our circuit sponsors, Angler’s Press, Best Bass Tournaments and Wild West Bass Trail and are looking forward to seeing what catches that 2020 bring for our fellow anglers. Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season and new personal bests on the end of all of your lines. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Good Fishing Wayne

  • River2Sea New Crankbait... See what it catches in action VIDEO

    River2Sea New Crankbait... See what it catches in action VIDEO

    Through years of study and experimentation they began identifying key vibrations that would consistently trigger an aggressive feeding response in these bass. To their amazement, the biggest bass in the schools were the most likely to react!

  • Crankbait Rod Convo

    Crankbait Rod Convo

    ’m in the market for a new rod that fishes the deep diving cranks like a 10XD, smooth and easy

  • Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2019

    Westernbass Magazine, Winter 2019

    Hi Anglers! Here we are ready to kick off another year of fishing. Every time I write this letter to the WesternBass. com Magazine readers, it amazes me how the time flies. The rain is forecasted for us soon and hopefully, it will fill the lakes for springtime fishing that we are looking forward to. As I wrap this greeting up, I would like to ask you to support the advertisers that keep this magazine and site available for you. WesternBass couldn’t do it without them. We appreciate them for allowing us to keep the bass fishing info coming to you and we appreciate your support of us and of our sponsors. In closing, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I send my best wishes to those that are dealing with the devastation that the California fires have caused. It has been a rough year(s) for many in our state. Best wishes to all and hope you have a great fishing year! Wayne