• Western Pros Predict the Winning Techniques of the 2018 Bassmaster Classic

    Western Pros Predict the Winning Techniques of the 2018 Bassmaster Classic


    Lake Hartwell is the site of the 2018 Bassmaster Classic and should prove to be a great venue for the event.

  • MTB Cyber Monday Sale | Bass Fishing Lures

    MTB Cyber Monday Sale | Bass Fishing Lures

    The MTB Cyber Monday Sale is now live! Get 60% off subscriptions, 40% off tackle, 15% off gear + more. Hurry though the sale only lasts until midnight tonight and supplies are limited.

  • Winter Bass Fishing | WesternBass Mag Available Now!

    Winter Bass Fishing | WesternBass Mag Available Now!

    The Winter Bass Fishing Issue of Magazine is available now free in the Bass Fishing Library. Find articles, videos, tips and more to catch more bass this winter.

  • Pro Tips & Techniques with Bobby Barrack & Snag Proof's Bobby's Perfect Buzz

    Pro Tips & Techniques with Bobby Barrack & Snag Proof's Bobby's Perfect Buzz

    Want even more tips? Don't miss "Turning Frogs into Toads Part 1 and 2 on DVD. Available at This is a complete video with bass fishing tips and techniques by the frog man himself Bobby Barrack. This video includes information on the proper rod, line, knots, presentation and of course on the water demonstration and fish catching fun. This frog will change the way you look at topwater fishing.

  • Basics for Targeting Striped Bass

    Basics for Targeting Striped Bass

    Tips for targeting striped bass on your next fishing trip.

  • Reviewing Technique Specifics

    Reviewing Technique Specifics

    The intent of this article is to stimulate your thought process. The goal is to prepare a suite of technique-specific rods and have them at the ready to methodically approach every opportunity. This is how you make your own luck.

  • Kayak Casting Techniques

    Kayak Casting Techniques


    Casting is even more important when it comes to fishing in a kayak where a large percentage is done sitting down. Her are three techniques for kayak casting.

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2015

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2015

    Hi, First I Would Like To Thank You All For Supporting Westernbass and Our Sponsors. As You All Know, Our Sponsors Is What Makes This Magazine And All The Content FREE To You !!! The heat of the summer has finally hit us! We’ve already enjoyed some of the annual summer events with the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge on the Delta and the WON Bass California Open at Clear Lake and we still have several more to look forward to including the frog events. The California Delta will welcome TWO frog events this year. For 2015, the Snag Proof Open and Angler’s Press will hold separate frog events. The ever-popular, longstanding, ORIGINAL frog only event - the Snag Proof Open will blast off for its 14th annual tournament on the first weekend of August (1st and 2nd) as it always has. There are some changes to the Snag Proof Open format for this year. NEW for the anglers: - The event will be run by Randy Pringle and the BBT staff, who will be donating their time, allowing for a 100% entry fee payback. - Boat order will not be by signups. There will be a lottery draw for boat release order. - All entries received by July 15 will receive a FREE breakfast on Day 1 AND a FREE BBQ at weigh-in of Day 1. In this issue of the Magazine, you will be able to find several tips to get a jump on your frog fishing as well as other summertime tips, tricks, techniques and other fishing news. STAY tuned to the site in mid-July as WesternBass will travel to Florida for the 2015 ICAST show. We will be there to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest industry innovations. Until then, enjoy the summer issue! Wayneg

  • Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2014

    Westernbass Magazine, Summer 2014

    Hi Readers, Looks like we are right in the middle of the summertime fishing season. It has been a great season so far for us. We've enjoyed adding Bobby Barrack's Delta Bass Scoop to the regular lineup and were excited to bring you coverage with several of the popular events including the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge and the Coors Light Invitational by Anglers Press, the FLW Delta Western Division as well as the California Open with WON Bass. We are looking forward to more to come with the Snag Proof Open and BassFest in August and the U.S. Open in September. In the meantime, we are excited about the 2015 ICAST event in a couple of weeks. Bobby Barrack will be attending the event for WesternBass and will be ready to show you many of the new products that will be available. We've recently added a new section to the classifieds. It is available for site users to list waterfront / lake type properties and tournament lodging. As with all the other classified forums, there is no charge for listing or looking. Remember, we have a detailed section with many resources including videos, tide tables etc. available to users in the DELTA section of the site and many resources available in the INTERACTIVE tab. Watch the forums for upcoming information. There is much more to come. Good fishing! Wayne