VIDEO DOCUMENTATION | Cody Meyer's Potential World Record Spotted Bass | Weighed and Measured


Last week the industry was taken by storm by yet another double-digit spotted bass of World Record Proportions! Cody Meyer was out fishing with good friend, JR Wright when a truly massive spotted bass made a mistake and found herself swimming laps in Cody's livewell. Cody reported catching the trophy bass on... Strike King Ocho: Seaguar 6 lb Tatsu Fluorocarbon: Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rod: Daiwa Exist Spinning Reel: Scale Used: Camera Used: Cody is well known for his history of bass fishing tournament victories on spotted bass fisheries as well as his exploits into trophy spotted bass fishing but today he would break his own record, catching one of the world's largest spotted bass at 10.80 pounds. Whether this bass becomes a world record or not, its truly a fish of a lifetime! Tacticalbassin's own Tim Little (current IGFA Spotted Bass World Record Holder) got the call from Cody that he had caught a monster spot, possibly even the new world record spotted bass, and needed help with the proper procedures. Tim immediately grabbed the scales and hit the road, much like he had done for Wes Roberson nearly a year earlier when Wes landed his 11.00lb Spotted Bass that is still under review as the potential IGFA World Record Spotted Bass. That is where the video begins... we hope you enjoy seeing one of the largest spotted bass ever caught!

If you have problems watching this video, YouTube has a great help page about setting up your computer for video.