First Look at Berkley | What's New for 2019



Berkley has long been one of the most prominent and most well-known brands in the fishing industry when it comes to fishing line and soft plastics.

In the past few years, Berkley has started making a new line of hard baits and this year they released several new models.

They also expanded their line and soft plastics with many new styles available and updates to tried and true favorites.

Here is a recap of the new items designed with bass anglers in mind.

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Berkley Hard Baits

This year may as well been called the “Year of the Topwater” for Berkley as they released 10 new surface baits for bass anglers.

One of the best parts about them is that they all retail for $9.99 or less with many listed at $6.99.

Here is a rundown of all of them.

  • Bullet Pop – This popper is available in three sizes: 2-1/4”, 2-3/4”, and 3-1/4”. It is the proven popper design but with a few added features to get longer casts and make it easier to work the bait side-to-side. The tail weighted design helps to cast and the tapered back adds flash and makes it easier to walk.

  • J-Walker – The J-Walker is a classic walking bait and comes in two sizes, a 4”, 1/2oz version and a 4-3/4”, 2/3 oz. model. They walk the dog with ease and the shape allows for long bullet casts.

  • Drift Walker – This slim bait allows extra long glides and is designed for calm days where a subtle approach is needed. It has a subtle clicking sound from the rattles and the ½ oz. size and shape help to extend casts.

  • Highjacker – This bait is built for aggressive schooling fish. It is a small profile but has a unique weighting system to allow for very long casts. It can be worked at breakneck speeds.

  • Cane Walker – This bait draws fish up from the depths. It has a loud, aggressive calling sound and casts with ease due to its size and shape. The Cane Walker 125 is 5” long and weighs in at 5/6oz.

  • Spin Rocket – Ideal for fishing around bluegill beds, this double prop bait perfectly imitates a dying baitfish on the surface. The cupped plastic props allow movement at slow or fast speeds.

  • Spin Bomb – Like the Spin Rocket, anglers can utilize it at different speeds. The profile of this bait is more slender, and it can be twitched, ripped or simply reeled along the surface.

  • Surge Shad and Jointed Surge Shad - These minnow imitators are perfect for fishing on the surface. They are silent baits and can be simply cast and retrieved, as the wobbling action is what draws fish from the depths.

  • Choppo – This plopping topwater comes in two sizes, a 90 and 120. It can be fished at all speeds to create a commotion on the surface.

  • Wakebull 60 and 70 – The small wake bait has the body of a squarebill crankbait and can be fished right on the surface. It was designed by FLW Tour pro-Scott Suggs and has a loud knocking sound. He recommends a stop-and-go retrieve for best results.

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PowerBait MaxScent Expansion

Last year Berkley introduced MaxScent, which has been tested to catch 45% more fish compared to original PowerBait. This year they expanded the line with bigger sizes of favorite and proven baits in the lineup.

Here are the new baits:

600+ new Berkley PowerBait® Sizes and Shapes

Berkley also introduced a whole host of the new baits in the PowerBait lineup. Many of them have already been proven shapes in their other soft plastic lineups and ow they have the proven PowerBait scent included.

Berkley x5 and x9 Braid

Berkley unveiled two new braid products, a 5-strand (x5) and 9-strand (x9) that comes in low-Vis Green and Crystal colors.

The x5 was designed for thick vegetation as it acts as a serrated line to cut through the grass.

The x9 is made for casting distance and quieter casts.

The new x5 is available from 8-80-pound and come in 165, 330 and 2188-yard spools, and the x9 has the same options but also has a 100-pound test available.

Berkley Solutions 100% Fluorocarbon

The new Solutions Fluorocarbon will retail for just $7.99 for a 200-yard spool and is a pure 100% fluorocarbon. 

It comes in sizes ranging from two to 15-pound test.

Berkley continues to expand and innovate with new products. They have a whole host of new, affordable products that bass anglers will love.