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LOS ANGELES –  Lucky Tackle Box (LTB),, the recreational fishing industry’s No. 1-rated monthly subscription box, announced today that it has expanded its offering from three to eight year-round boxes to meet the demand of anglers and brands alike. Since its inception nearly two years ago, Lucky Tackle Box’s popular Bass Fishing subscription box has seen exponential growth and has helped numerous brands introduce new products to the market.
In addition to Bass, Panfish and Inshore Saltwater, Lucky Tackle Box will now offer monthly subscription boxes year-round for Walleye, Trout & Salmon, Ice Fishing and Fly Fishing. LTB will also make its Bass XL box, which was previously only available to existing subscribers, available to the general public.
The Fly Fishing subscription box is being released as a joint venture with Umpqua Feather Merchants, a company that has revolutionized the way business has been done in the fly fishing industry since the ’70s. The company will provide direct input on species targeting, seasonality and product selection.
The Bass XL box, which retails for $23.95/month and was previously only available to existing subscribers, is a bigger, better version of LTB’s popular Bass Fishing subscription box. It will contain baits from brands that have never before been featured in other subscription boxes.

Travis Moran introduces Lucky Tackle video offer for new customers.
“Our new subscription box offerings are a direct response to brands wanting to launch new products on our platform and to meet the enormous consumer demand from our 1.25 million Facebook fans,” said Travis Moran, production director at Lucky Tackle Box. “Lucky Tackle Box is not a subscription box company. We’re part of a digital marketing platform that helps brands build awareness, increase market share and drive revenue.”

“We want to help every brand in the industry grow, because that’s good for the overall health of our industry. And that’s why we’ll never ask for exclusivity,” said Rick Patri, chief operating officer at Lucky Tackle Box. “And we also don’t want to just send out a bunch of baits to our subscribers because that can do more harm for brands that it does good. That’s why we include how-to videos from professional anglers like Scott Martin, showing our subscribers how to use each bait.”
Scott Martin, FLW’s 2015 Angler of the Year agrees. “Versatility is the key. Being proficient with multiple bait types – along with the ability to adapt to different fishing conditions – is what helped me become FLW’s Angler of the Year. Lucky Tackle Box is the only subscription box that simultaneously helps brands introduce new baits to the market and teaches anglers how to use each item. Lucky Tackle Box is the better box because it helps both brands and anglers in ways that no other box does.”