New partnerships target sales of world’s first and only shark-deterrent

Sharkbanz Teams with Frontier, Rogers Sports Marketing to Protect Your Catch

New partnerships target sales of world’s first and only shark-deterrent fishing tackle from the Texas Coast to Virginia Beach.

KEY WEST, FL (April 1, 2021) – Sharkbanz, the world leader in shark-deterrent technology, has signed with two top-tier sales agencies, ensuring solid representation and a serious sales push from the Texas Gulf coast to Virginia Beach for their recently released Sharkbanz Zeppelin – the world’s first and only shark-deterrent fishing tackle. Frontier Sales & Marketing Group will blanket the western Gulf coastline from the Mississippi straight across the Lone Star State, while Rogers Sports Marketing will cover coastal areas east of the Mississippi River as well as East Coast opportunities from Florida to Virginia.

“We are excited and humbled to be ushered into the fishing-industry community by these highly respected sales and marketing enterprises,” says Nathan Garrison, co-founder of Sharkbanz. “Together, they provide blanket coverage across our primary United States market areas. We’re excited to see where they can take the Sharkbanz Zeppelin. We recognize introduction of such a revolutionary product relies heavily on trust and relationships forged over time between dealers, business owners and the representative sales force. That’s why we searched carefully for a great match. We believe having the backing of such highly respected operations will help foster the credibility that is so important.”

Captain Billy Delph and Tim Nelson (Sharkbanz). Photo by Nathan Garrison

Garrison continues: “The Sharkbanz Zeppelin helps anglers land more fish, helps captains keep customers happy, and helps conserve fish populations because fewer hooked fish are lost to sharks. In short, we believe this product has the potential to quickly establish itself as a must-have item for anglers who fish in shark-infested waters.”

Recognized world-wide by swimmers, divers, surfers and beach goers, Sharkbanz already offers a wearable device, the Sharkbanz 2, which uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory sharks with amazing consistency. “The result of over a decade’s worth of research in the USA, Australia, and South Africa on the efficacy of permanent magnets as a shark deterrent, this technology has also proven effective at deterring sharks in fishing applications,” reveals Garrison. “Based on our proven technology and testing success, we recently introduced the Sharkbanz Zeppelin for anglers. It’s a compact, easy-to-use device that helps reduce the age-old problem of shark depredation, otherwise known in fishing circles as ‘Paying the Taxman.’”

Originally designed for bottom-fishing applications, the travel-friendly Sharkbanz Zeppelin wards off aggressive sharks looking to tear into catches being reeled to the surface. Streamlined, cylindrical and weighing just 6.5 ounces, it requires no batteries, no charging, and can be used as a sinker or tied into the leader approximately 18 to 24 inches below where the tail of a hooked fish will likely be positioned as you reel it up. The shark deterring Zeppelin provides an approximate three-to-six-foot electromagnetic field that overwhelms a shark’s electroreception, creating a highly unpleasant sensation that stops the ocean’s Taxman in his tracks and causes it to turn away before slicing off a free meal. The device does not harm sharks or other sea creatures, does not repel other fish, and is effective at any depth.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Sharkbanz,” says C. Trent Rogers, managing partner of Rogers Sports Marketing. “I recently had the opportunity to test the Zeppelin in the field with my East Florida Sales Lead and initial results were very promising. RSM looks forward to bringing to market this groundbreaking patented disruptive technology in hopes of countering the predation of valuable table fare and stopping the ‘Tax Man’ from taking more than his fair share. This is a very interesting product and we’ll be working closely with Sharkbanz and their marketing agency, Traditions Media, to get the word out as quickly as possible. I can tell you I’m already impressed with the Sharkbanz management team and they are going to get plenty of support.”

Captain Billy Delph

Brad Downey, president of Frontier Sales & Marketing Group, points out that the Sharkbanz Zeppelin fills a serious need for boating anglers who fish over reefs and wrecks where sharks frequently take a bite out of the catch. “Encounters with sandbar, dusky and bull sharks have become more common in recent years,” he explains. “We see major potential for this product in those situations, especially along the lower Gulf Coast.”

Like Rogers, Downey has been impressed by the Sharkbanz team, which he calls “forward thinking.”

“We love selling traditional fishing tackle like rods, reels, lines and hooks,” continues Downey, “but we are absolutely thrilled to take on the Sharkbanz Zeppelin. It’s not often you get to represent a product no one has seen or even thought about before. That certainly excites the salesperson in me. This is something that should be readily embraced by the fishing community.”

The Sharkbanz Zeppelin is currently available online in Australia at, and in the U.S.A. at Expect to see it in coastal stores by late May.