Situational Fishing: Different Profiles for Different Actions


Anglers are always searching for a way to impart a different action, offer a changing presentation to the bass. LIVETARGET takes the same approach to design with their lures.  

The LIVETAGET theme is not just one rattle bait with different color schemes. Theirs is rattlebait portfolio, varying the fuselage, action, motif and coloration to allow an angler to select the best imitation of the prevalent forage in every fishing situation.


The Baitball YRB-65 has an attitude that vibrates and swims to the bottom. It is a one of the best choices for a rip and pause retrieve. It excels on deeper grass edges, for a rip and drop retrieve in up 10 ft.

The CPV-65 crappie imitation performs really well on the drop and on the drop and rip technique. David Walker put this model to use at last year's Bassmaster Classic where grass was involved. Targets for this lure are deeper grass lines and vegetation or around brush piles where early season crappie congregating. 

SHALLOW WATER  The Baitball YRB-75 does not have as much action on the stop. It is designed for a horizontal presentation for use in shallow grass or vegetation in 2 to 6 ft.  


The Golden Shiner offers the most universal action. If there was one lure that you could tie on and just go fishing anywhere , this would be the one. Color 208 is robust in Florida due to its mimic of their golden shiner. It comes in three sizes, allowing the angler to control the weight, thereby control the depth of the bait. Targets are shallow flats, stained water and around aquatic grass.


Sunfish is important when sunfish, bluegill and bream are the predominate forage. The action on this has a horizontal retrieve; so it is best presented as a relatively shallow water bait and best fished in two to 6 ft. It is available in three sizes. Each will vary the depth of presentation. The larger size is suggest for fisheries with a larger class size of fish. The big bait can really provide wonder-sized fish in places like Florida, Texas and California where a big sunfish is quite appropriate.