Teen Checklist

  1. Sunday, July 15th, 2018: Russo’s Marina, Bethel Island
  2. In an effort to practice safety and responsibility, each teen must bring their own life vest. All teens under 16, MUST wear that vest at all times while on the boat, NO exceptions. Any teen refusing, will be returned to the dock by the Pro. If the parents require any teen 16 or above to wear his vest at all times, so be it, your rules take precedent. In the event, that the teen fails to show with a vest, we may require he wipe down 5 boats prior to launch before giving them one.
  3. All teens 16 years and older, MUST have a valid California fishing license. Those under 16, can fish on the boater's license.
  4. We encourage the teens to bring their own equipment. It's not necessary to bring more than 4-5 rods and their tackle box. Each teen will receive their tackle Pack which will have many lures that can be used through out their day. Our pros will be prepared in the event a teen requires additional or specialized equipment.
  5. We will have a pre-check in on Saturday for both teens and pros from 4:00pm-6:00pm. This will be for all teens listed on the confirmed list, only. This check in is not mandatory. The final check in will occur Sunday from 4:30a-5:30a at the bottom of the ramp under the canopy. If a teen is not on that confirmed list, they are welcomed to come to Russo's at 5:00am Sunday morning, and take a chance on the onsite Stand By sign up list. They would have to wait until all pre-registered teens are paired, then we'll plug them in as we can.
  6. All teens, even if not entered in the event, are welcome to come on Saturday for potential fishing seminars and one on one conversations with our pros starting at 4:00pm.
  7. Be sure when your teen checks in, that they know how many in your party will attend the BBQ after weigh-in. We will be issuing meal tickets for each angler and their family present.
  8. Each team will be given water available at check in and Sunday morning before blast off. Feel free to send your teen with any additional drinks they may require for the day. Due to the summer heat, it's not a very good idea to send them out with sodas and drinks with heavy sugar or caffeine contents. Gatorade, Hydrate & Arizona type teas are good examples of fluids for your teen.
  9. Mornings have been cool, dress your teen according, they can peel off as the morning goes on. Due to the heat, it's a good idea to send your teen out with SUNSCREEN! We also encourage them to bring sunglasses and a hat of some sorts.
  10. Blast off will commence at 6:00am sharp. Feel free to come down to Russo's and watch this spectacle from the levee behind the dock. The teens will start coming back to weigh-in starting at 12:30p. There will be 4 flights staggered every 20 minutes, with the last flight arriving at 1:30p.
  11. We put on a big show for the Weigh-ins, be prepared to settle in and have a great time watching the teens and all their fish. Seating is limited, so it's a good idea to bring folding chairs and lounges.
  12. After the last flight is due in at 1:30, we will begin the BBQ service. At about 3:00p, we'll have the awards, followed by our huge raffle. Each teen will be given meal tickets and free raffle tickets. We will have both additional meal and raffle tickets for sale through out the day.
  13. There are several hotel/motels in the area as follows, they are 15-20 minutes of the facility:
    • Oakley – Comfort Suites Inn
    • Antioch – Ramada, Best Western, MicroTel
    • Brentwood – Holiday Inn
    Bethel Island, Beacon, Russo's and Sugar Barge all offer Camping.
  14. Last but not least, in our efforts to teach and introduce your teen to bass fishing, it is very important for them to understand the responsibility of the non-boater. There are two things we ask that you instruct them to do, or at least make the offer to the boater. The first is to help clean and wipe down the boat after they have come off the water. Second is, put a $20 bill in their pocket to offer up to the pro to share in fuel costs. More often than not, the boaters will pass on these two requests, yet we want to be sure these teens are headed in the right direction and knowing what is expected of them in the future. Making a mess in ones boat and not helping to clean that mess up, and not offering to share in the fuel for the day, are two sure fire ways to find yourself standing on the bank in the future. This is a very important one folks!
  15. The C.O. Cooch's Annual Pro-Teen Classic is solely a sponsor funded event. All of our help is voluntary. If you would like to help out in any way, please see Linzy Cuccia during the check in. Also, please do feel free to bring any type of supplemental dishes or desserts, to be added to our buffet style BBQ.
  16. If Linzy Cuccia left you a message to come here, your teen is confirmed in the event. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact him directly at (925) 752-4453. If you need to contact us on Saturday evening or that Sunday morning, please call 916-717-2104.
We're looking forward to seeing you all there and joining in with us for a spectacular day with your teen!