2018 Pro/Teen Liability Form

Parental Consent & Release of Liability Form

The above referenced Pro/Teen Tournament will pair you or your minor son or daughter with a pro level bass angler for a day of fun and instruction in competitive bass fishing. The pro angler will supply the boat and determine all locations for fishing during the day. Pro anglers, tournament staff and sponsors are donating service, products and equipment for the benefit of you or your child. Consequently, we ask that you release any and all persons, businesses and organizations associated with this tournament from any liability for injury that you or your child might suffer while participating in this event.

Please be informed that bass boats are high performance water craft and, as such, there is always risk of accident no matter how cautious the boat operator may be. Your child will be instructed to wear a suitable flotation life vest at all times when the main engine of the boat is operating and all pros will follow the usual boat operation rules that are required in high level Pro-Am bass tournaments. A copy of these rules are available at your request. Your child's pro will also provide additional safety instructions in response to any potentially dangerous situations that may develop during the day on the water. Such instructions will be limited to boat or fishing matters only and cannot guarantee the safety of your child. It is California Coast Guard law that all persons under 13, wear their life vest at all times while on the water. In the rare event that a minor refuses to cooperate with the safety instructions, the pro is instructed to return immediately to the launch site and the minor involved shall be disqualified from further participation.

There are additional risks while on the water that are not related to boat operation. Sunburn, head stroke, dehydration, insect bites, side effects of medications (sunlight sensitivity, etc.) and allergy induced conditions like asthma. The pro boater is not responsible to provide your child with suitable instructions regarding such personal matters. Please provide your child with your instructions on these matters. We do highly recommend that you do take the time to converse with the pro assigned to you or your child making him/her aware of any pertinent situation regarding the participant.

All teens that are 16 years of age and older, by state Department of Fish and Game regulations, must have in their possession, a valid California Fishing License. All teens under the age of 16 may fish under the license of their boater. Your child must show proof of this at check in or they will not be allowed to fish. There are tackle shops in the area, as well as the shop at Russo's which can provide any licenses required.

Before signing this consent and release document, please be informed that every effort will be made to ensure your child's safety but boating always includes some risks that simply cannot be eliminated. If you have any questions, feel free to call Linzy Cuccia at (925) 752-4453 for more information. Also, please make the $35 checks payable to Cooch's Fishing. Please mail signed form and check to Cooch's Fishing 4931 Waterford Way, Antioch CA 94531. Thank you.

I certify that I am 18 years or older, the parent or legal guardian of the minor listed below. I have read and understand the information above. I authorize myself or the minor below to participate in the Pro/Teen Tournament on July 15th, 2018. I further understand that there are accident risks in this event that I am willing to accept on behalf of myself or the minor child listed below. I hereby release all pro bass anglers, tournament staff, sponsors and any other organization affiliated with this event from any liability associated with any injury that my child may experience.

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Make checks payable to Cooch's Fishing. Please mail signed form and $35 check to Cooch's Fishing 4931 Waterford Way, Antioch CA 94531. Any questions you can call (925) 752-4453